Hot Wheels

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My Cars 2 fan 2

Little Jen has been banging on about Lewis Hamilton’s character in Cars 2. He watches the DVD about once a week, has has been know to sleep hugging a Cars jigsaw puzzle! Definately the boys favourite film. There is a small set of toy cars at around £4 to £5, similar sizing to Hot Wheels but not quite. Jen already has Lightening McQueen, Mater and Francesco… but had seen Lewis in photos on the back of other cars packaging. He really wanted Lewis, but seems he was rare. I had never seen one “in the flesh” until this weekend. I had read other cars fans in Twitter struggling to get a Lewis car. @f1_LewisFan I’m looking at you! He saw that photo you tweeted ages ago as he was next to me.There are none in sainsburys, Asda, argos, Debenhams, or toys are us! So Jen went shopping with daddy on […]