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Pimping Out My Online Skills #JuliesCV 9

I need work, whilst I don’t think I can hold a normal job at the moment, the classic 9-5 is not right for me I do need some sort of income, sooo.. Here goes.. Typing away…. I have been out of work since October with depression and mental health. This in no way stops me writing or blogging but definitely impacts on my daily life, in particular speaking to people in person is very hard for me and leaving my house alone. Yesterday my partner also got bad employment news. We thought he was lined up to be made redundant, which wouldn’t have been great news, but there would have been a redundancy payout by the company so that would have actually been OK. What his bosses have done instead, is to demote him, including a pay cut as his job is “no longer needed”, and to keep his notice […]

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Heads up, Big Competition on Lifeinabreakdown

  The lovely Sarah from Life in a breakdown blog is co-hosting a big blogger giveaway. It is being run across several blogs, with the main aim being to get new people to follow them on BlogLovin’.   The prizes are gift cards / gift codes for Etsy, Amazon, Paypal  and Target. The target prize isn’t open to the UK but the terms state you can have it as Paypal instead if you are in places like the UK where target doesn’t exist. This competition ends on 3rd April 2013. It is split into 4 different Rafflecopters, and if you followed every single blog and pintrest would take you hours, my advice just choose one blogger per rafflecopter group and follow them.There are thousands of entries but you’ve got to be in it to win it as they say. Good luck if you enter.  

Paypal update

I have been promised a refund now but have yet to see my money. Thanks to those who were asking. Such a stress though. My new bank cards arrived today so its a bit easier now. Its hard to believe how annoying it is not to have a debit card. Money now back in my account.

Just been robbed!

I have just been burgled and mugged via paypal. No warning, I’ve not bought anything dodgy or told anyone my passwords nor do i have it set as “password” or something guessable. I’m sat on sofa with laptop about to do my rota for work and i get a paypal email saying I’ve sent a payment of 153 US $. It had my full name correct on the email….. Don’t panic don’t panic… OK PANIC! that’s £103 i don’t have. Paypal customer phone number closed minutes before this email of course. I couldn’t change password, so i gave Hubby laptop to keep trying for me as i phone my bank. I’m now more annoyed as a second transaction for 47 US $ so £30-something stolen. Altogether around one hundred and fifty bloody quid. Am annoyed! I’ve got my bank to block all my account and cancel cards, new cards in […]