Cheeky Shoes 1

I first saw Cheeky Shoes at the sky dive. Susanne was wearing lovely purple ones and I had slight shoe envy. Then I realised that lots of bloggers had tried them, and I got in touch. Sadly the biggest size was a size 8 but I was assured there would be some stretch in this. When they arrived first impressions were “my word they are bright” and that they fitted through the letter box as promised. The packing is minimal and clever.


Bad Start 1

Well what can I say, today didn’t start off great. I struggled to sleep again last night, and I’ve never been much of a morning person anyway, but this morning I didn’t see or hear my alarms. I have various alarm clocks, all set at slightly different times. First thing I see or hear today, not the alarms, but Blokey in a bad mood demanding I wake up now. He’s one of those people that wake up and *boom* he’s wide awake. I am not like that. I go through stages almost, starting off barely awake, slow and confused, I gradually realise I’m awake, and try to fight sleep, then eventually after about 30 to 40 minutes of being dazed I wake properly and stumble to the loo and brush my teeth. From then I’m ok, awake even if I’m feeling exhausted from good or bad dreams the night before. […]

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30 ways to save £1 4

I saw +Jax from Liveotherwise blog about this great competition from Money supermarket and knew I had to enter. It’s called 30 ways to save £1, and the great thing about this competition isn’t the huge prize money, it is that they will give you £1 per tip, if you publish your own post on this topic before 17th of May, so what are you waiting for?   Pounds, Quid, gold pieces, dosh!    The first tip has to be, enter this competition yourself as soon as you have read this post! Always make sure you use the food with the shortest dates first. Throwing out a few items a week could cost you several pounds. Wash your laundry at 30 degrees when you can to save a little bit in electric bills. Try to save a little bit of gas and water (so dosh too) by shortening you shower by […]


Planting in Unusual Places, Crazy Containers

As it is Spring now, I’ve been outside planting containers. Now for most gardeners that would mean flower pots or rectangular tubs, but today I did something a teeny bit more quirky. As I didn’t have an old toilet bowl, or a non-seaworthy wooden boat I decided on mugs, shoes and tin cans. I have previously used a toy box as a planting tub, I kept the lid so in winter I pop the lid back on to protect the bulbs inside, clever huh? I wanted to plant some handbags and wellies but the charity shops had nothing I liked the look of today. Everyone has seen planted willies but I liked the idea of hanging handbags like bizarre little hanging basket dangling from my cherry tree… that would have been cool, but no such luck today. Ready to get going… I have here some mixed seeds, some cute mugs […]

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LOOKISMA, Includes a Contest for USA Residents

LOOKSIMA stands for Looks I Most Adore.   I want to invite you to use the best online stylist in the US. Here you can find out what your style is and get personalised looks that are created for you by professional stylists for every occasion. And, of course, you can easily purchase any item you like. It is free to use. I had a gander about the website, and I must say it is a wonderful idea, its a shame its not designed for the UK yet. It feels very much like an online magazine, a look-book of what’s hot or not. I rather like the Yes or no page, not sure about a look want to know what people think of pair of shoes before you buy them? Ask the audience, phone a friend?  Their mission is to provide professional and affordable stylist services to a wide audience. […]

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The Daxon £200 Outfit Challenge 2

I love these blogger challenges, Daxon has asked members of its blogger network (see my badge on the toolbar?) to try to make a nice outfit for under £200. Mine comes in at £197 or £199.95 including delivery not bad going I thought. The best bit, one of the Daxon bloggers who have a go at this challenge will win the outfit they have chosen. I never get to spend money on clothes so I’m up for it… First thing I decided was that I wanted it to be a Spring look. The British weather didn’t get the Memo that went round that Winter should be over! Hint Hint. Anyways…. I’ve done for a grey-ish and pale brown theme here, and I would wear this lot together. I started with Capri jeans, I liked the quirky finishing at the bottoms. Also they are in a tall range, so they won’t […]

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Introducing Stuffster – A Smart Shopping Tool – Review 3

Yesterday I found out about a site called from a twitter buddy, I thought to myself “That’s an odd name” and then looked into what the site was about. I headed first to the Twitter Stuffster page, and then had a peek about the main website.  Stuffster in a pictorial nutshell.. Its a shopping tool, a bit like a funky hybrid of an auction sites watch list system and a comparison site and an Internet wish-list. You add products, from almost any site to your Stufflists, and set a desired price. So lets say you want something in particular, a certain brand of shoes and you know the style, You pop to your favourite sites as normal (after registering on Stuffster that is, I’ll talk you through that shortly) and look for these shoes in your size then click “+STUFF” button on your browsers links bar et voila, […]

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Mothers Day outfit at Next 4

Well I’ve today seen a challenging competition on Jade & Tara’s blog that I had to have a go at entering. I’ve not had the best relationship with my Mother, but I am trying to be her friend again, and I’m sure she’d be chuffed if I won Next clothing for her. The challenge is to make a complete outfit just from products for sale at Next. Here is what I’d suggest for my Mum on Mothers day. Images from Next website       I would pick a nice lace dress for my Mum, she suits maxi dresses best I think. Also this one goes into larger sizes and like me, my Mum isn’t tiny. It is black and creamy beige, She often wears either shockingly bright prints or plain neutral colours. I’m not going to pick out a print that makes me dizzy, that’s all I’m saying… Moving […]

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Went out alone, to SeaLife 2

On Wednesday I went out to Birmingham, I was on a mission to buy Merlin Annual passes. They have a January sale on, we had been looking online to buy these, but was about £550 online or £360 in a Merlin attraction. The sale prices were “in-store only” which is a bit of a nuisance. So twenty quid train fare was a bargain really to grab £200 ish discount. I am not actually paying, my mum wanted to treat my boys to some fun. Cheers Mummy. So at the station this morning there was some drama. A “fatality on the line” had caused some delays and cancelled trains.Was a bit awkward sitting on the platform listening to other passengers asking why people with mental health issues and depression are let out alone. I was just sinking into the bench on the platform willing the train to hurry up. When I […]

I get the car on Saturday

Yup, thats right, I bought the car! I am now a car owner for the first time. How grown up. I will add a photo on Saturday, but shes yellowish gold coloured. A ten year old Peugeot 307, with no real damage and a perfect engine.I’ve sorted insurance, although I need to get my provisional licence sorted out… I have had my photo taken- by Jessops. Such a shame about them. The car tax and MOT is being arranged by the car garage. So if I’m right all I need now is a driving test. Oh yeah, finally going to get independent. Sadly it’s only because of Nans will money, but she would be impressed I’ve used it on something sensible, useful and not just blown it on clothes or shoes. I think I’m going to name my car “Custard” unless anyone cares to suggest other names

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Shoes, is it appropriate 2

We bought some shoes online. I say we as I choose them, he paid. 3 pairs of big women’s heels, 2 were wedge heeled shoes, and the other was meant to be long boots, with heels. A bit sexy, intended for short skirts. However when they arrived I was shocked to see these killer heels are kids size 11 not adult ladies 11. I would guess at size 11 girls being for a 5/6 year old girl. I was shocked not just because of my disappointment, but WHY are these even made for kids? Little girls shouldn’t be wearing “sexy boots”