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I Would Have Loved The £200 Breastfeeding Bribe 4

The Breastfeeding trial seems largely unpopular based on the other blog posts I’ve read today, and lots of comments on twitter. New Mum’s offered voucher incentive to breastfeed. If I was offered £200 for breastfeeding my sons I would have taken it willingly. It’s not £200 all in one go, it’s in £40 chunks only dished out when the mum has breastfed for certain lengths of time. For my first child I struggled. I cried in bed in the hospital as my B cups had swollen to about an E within a few days. It was horrible, but I got past this as I was helped in the hospital each evening by the staff after the dinner, visiting time then bed time routines. It would go quieter and I’d get sensible advice. I only managed up to 4 months with D, but I’m glad I tried. I had the dreaded […]

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Spicy Scotch Eggs

As the owners of chickens sometimes we have more eggs than we can use. Yummy finished item…. When cooking dinner we boiled six eggs and left to cool. When kids were asleep we went back to the kitchen to get cooking. Pop the oven on at 190 centigrade to warm up as you prepare. Firstly you wrap your freshly peeled eggs in sausage meat and this makes giant meatballs. Roll these balls into flour, this will give the meatball a gripy surface. You need to dip and roll the meatball in a single beaten egg. We added chilli seeds to this to give it hidden flavour. Then immediately dump it in a bowl of breadcrumbs. Coat as fast as you can as will only stick to the wet egg. We made breadcrumbs by throwing a few slices of Hovis seedy loaf into a food processer. Lovely perfect crumbs with seeds […]