Upcycling Small Bath Towels 9

We have lots of bath towels but as my eldest son, D is the size of a small adult these days there is never a big towel in the airing cupboard. And several smaller child sized towels that never get used. I’m going to make my towels bigger, oh yes I AM. I have done this in the past but back then I had a sewing machine. This could take some time. These towels are very eco, they are wombled. They were left near the washing up sinks at a campsite we were on, and staff were about to bin them. So they went in our wet laundry bag until we returned home. I hate waste, and I love reusing, reducing and recycling. They of course got a jolly hot wash, and tumble at home.


Magpie Monday (yes, its Friday now!)

Hello, A twitter friend has this neat little blog link up called “magpie Monday” where you show each other what amazing bargains you’ve found that week. Not tesco bargains, real thrifty shopping. This week I’m proud of myself as I got some lovely jams and chutentys for 20p a small jar, and 50p for the large jars in a charity table-top sale. Basically I work in a shop and they were raising money for a certain Pink cancer charity. They were selling homemade cakes (over priced but I really wanted one, ok two) and also had “damaged” unsellable stock. So you know those lovely Mrs Bridges Jam jars you see in cute gift sets, when something is out of date like the bicuits the jams are still in date, but the barcode was for the SET so they can’t sell the seperate jars. Such a waste, usually all goes in the […]