WIN – B-Sensible Pillow Case, and Review – Ended 164

The lovely folks at B-Sensible have sent me another product to try out, and one for a Julie’s Notebook reader too. So read what we think, then try and win your own. These are sold singley rather than in pairs, which could be great for childrens beds. Whilst I wouldn’t think of packing a pillow case for travelling, it is a good idea. In hotels it often crosses my mind “I wonder when this was last washed, if ever?” The problem is I often end up sleeping face down, and  accidentally sniffing where a total stranger has had their head isn’t a nice thing.

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Freebie or Bargain at the Body Shop 3

A lovely receipt, no charge! At the moment if you say HAPPY BUNNY at the till in Body Shop you get £3 off. No minimum spend, no catch. So I’ve just got some nice. hair conditioner for zero pence. I’m not sure how much longer they can do this, they must have given away massive amounts of stock, so if you’re passing a body shop pop in and just say “are you still doing the Happy Bunny code from the paper?” and then get a freebie. This was published in Metro last week. You can’t use the £3 code against Sale/clearance or 3 for 2, but smaller bits like soaps or travel sized items are potentially free. You can still buy things over the £3 but you pay the rest. This is due to the animal testing ban I mentioned on the 11th March. Body Shop are celebrating the animal […]

Why I hate Valentines day 10

So much fake lovey dovey stuff is forced in our faces from mid January to make you buy over priced and largely tatt tokens of affection. I don’t want chocolates in a heart shaped box, or a cheaply made teddy bear just because it’s hugging a heart cushion. It’s everywhere, and this year I am NOT playing this Valentine’s game! This is going to be a rant, a personal one. If you know my in real life kindly stop reading. One year ago, on Valentine’s day night, at midnight so he’d think I’d forgotten any kind of gift or love token, totally unexpected to him (I think) I got down on one knee and asked him to be my husband. He said yes, I was so happy. Then he refused to put the ring on saying he didn’t like jewelry, didn’t want it mentioned anywhere people might hear it or […]

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I love Eden Project

Nice day out. Started with thunderstorms but right now I do not care. I am sat inside the domes of the Eden project. Having coffee in the “Med” whilst waiting for a story-telling session to start for the boys. Also free wifi which is a bonus for snap happy folk with camera phones like myself. I have just found out if you buy a refillable metal water bottle or coffee travel mug you can have free refills all day with your receipt. This is not advertised in the coffee shops and food places, I saw a small sign by the cups saying refills all day. The cups are £7.50 which seems expensive but a single cuppa coffee is £2.50! The water bottles are £6.25 and are for water or soft drinks. If you are a grown up reading this and you plan to visit Eden head straight to the gift […]

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TravelBug competition

Good afternoon folks, My son has entered the Content and Calm travel bug competition on facebook to try to win us a holiday to Greece, sadly it is a voting competition and he would love any votes please. If you go into that app then look at “gallery” you should be able to find our entry. The competition is to be a “travel bug reporter” which means if he gets first place we will go to Greece together for him to review, or if he’s one of the 9 runners up we would get sent on a family outing to somewhere like Legoland or Cattle Country. We sat outdoors and talked about our camping holidays, as shivering outside seems appropriate for a camping review! Sadly the promoter extended the voting closing date until September which is really a very long time, so I thought I would share it on my […]

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Why did I have to go to paradise eh?

Since returning from Australia everything here seems so boring, dull, pointless, and outright COLD. Is it bad that after just a single week there I’m totally hooked on the place? My nickname has been Roo since I was a baby, family reasons…. but since I landed back in Blighty I’ve worn my Aussie Roo necklace everyday. I don’t even take it off to sleep. I honestly CRY at programs or adverts about the land down under now, and find myself “window shopping” travel websites. It’s surely not right to miss it so very much is it? There’s nothing like Austrailia, NO KIDDING. In my heart I think I have emigrated there already! In reality I doubt I’ll ever go again, possibly after we retire in a few decades. It’s only the cost stopping me, you would not believe how many Aussie holiday competitions I’ve entered since going there, but does […]


The New Titantic?

With so many news reports and online comments mentiong the Titanic lately in reference to the Costa Concordia crash I thought I’d give my view. Given that I work in travel retail, I’ve heard a few comments already, but also my Sister in law was a cruise dancer before she became a Mum. Although its very bad that any boat sinks, especially if anyone is hurt or dies, but it is hardly a Titanic disarster is it? On the Titanic they were many miles from the nearest land, and had no chance, not enough boats, life jackets and so on meaning a massive portion of the souls onboard were lost. I do wonder if what they are saying is true, that in this modern age, some of the passengers might have been too casual about it, busy videoing and tweeting, instead of getting up to top deck. Surely if the boat […]


Three weeks to go….

Three weeks today until Australia, I am getting all nervous, excited, I cry, then I’m happy. I’m an emotional wreck! I’ve got suitcases but still need travel money, insurance, and lots of little things. Felt pretty good as I bought 3 mini skirts yesterday ready for my amazing holiday… suncream a few days ago too. A week ago I was told I won the ITV Daybreak Down Under Competition. I knew I would get informed that week, before Friday, and was told to be near my phone between 6 and 8.30am as I might get called whilst live on air. By 10am on Friday, nothing… I’d lost hope, I was a right grumpy moo. Had been to the dentist for more bad news, then popped into work to say hello to my colleague. Needed to buy shampoo, so did that and Jenny ran away in a shopping center… I was […]


Reminising on Florida 5

As many of you know, I travelled in May this year to Florida, Orlando. This was the first time I had ever flown, anywhere, not even a small local flight, nothing! As a mummy of two, in a shop job, I can not afford holidays abroad, we normally go camping. So when my son won this holiday I went mental, crying and hardly slept for a week!!! All he had to do in return for winning was write a review for First News about the holiday. Having never been in these situtations before, the idea of American passport control was scary – people say such negative things about them! And then there was other things to worry about, like actually buying our passports first! It was a family trip, all four of us, to the Portofino Loews hotel, inside the Universal studios resort. A far cry from camping I can […]


Ok, so I’m not much of a blogger but

Now that I’m getting the hang of blogging, mainly by stalking twitter friends blogs I am getting more confident at this. I thought I’d have a little waffle, if this is OK with you guys? As you might know, as I hobby I comp. For those of you that don’t know “comp” or “comping” is entering competitions as a hobby, for profit, for the thrill or just because you’ve nowt better to do… which is how my addiction to comping started incidentally. In Feb 2011 we had a phone call from first news (children’s newspaper) about a competition my eldest had entered. It was quite a shock, and cried, was shaking, the LOT. He had won us a weeks holiday to Universal theme parks in Florida!! Gobsmacked and shell shocked didn’t begin to cover it. I was assured I would hear from Universal within a week, and that’s where the stress […]