Camping checklist 1

Morning folks, as I recently wrote I’m going camping very soon. Sunday in fact, its come around fast. I don’t know about my blog readers but I always feel we have forgotten something, so I’m going to write a list hopefully others might find helpful. I know we aren’t typical campers as we move in for a fortnight on site, so for shorter trips you can do away with much of this. Things to do before you go….Empty fridge of anything open/perishable. Try to take with you or freeze instead.Wash up and empty dishwasher so doesn’t smell stagnant when you get home.Have UHT milk in cupboard and bread in freezer so you don’t need to shop on way home.Do as much washing as you can so its not left dirty.Arrange someone to feed pets.Clean pet’s hutches before going.Unplug everything except fridge, freezer and TV digi box / sky so can […]


Food. Farming. Future. 2

Well I was tagged by a twitter friend and asked to help out, so here you go Mich @ Mummy from the heart blog. Mich blogs these things so much better than me, so please do go to her blog for a read of her version. As a Mum I hate those starving kids adverts for charities on TV, not because I’m tight, but because it makes me feel helpless and useless I can’t do much to help them, I can’t go there personally and give those children clean water or food or hugs, and I won’t get into a financial debate here, but things are tight at the moment. I am very glad I was born in England, with clean water, and access to food and medicines. My youngest son, although not born early, or by C-section had a very similar problem to the situation mention in Mich’s post […]

Wierd weather, Horizon on BBC

Well we all know its been good weather this week but I was talking about seasons the other day. Can we even say we have real seasons anymore? Hottest March since the 70’s, really snowy icy weather closing airports, and droughts… all happening close together I’d say. The weather is more extreme, by that I don’t mean we are due a blizzard or 2 year drought, or week long lightening storm. I mean its more intense when things do happen. Then this evening on BBC2 I watched Horizon – Global Weirding “weather weirding”, a phrase which made me cringe, but I was very interested despite this. It seems the sun has its own cycle, not just lunar cycles and the slightly irregular pattern earth spins to. Probably best you hit iPlayer than have me confuse you, but its well worth a watch. Http://


Three weeks to go….

Three weeks today until Australia, I am getting all nervous, excited, I cry, then I’m happy. I’m an emotional wreck! I’ve got suitcases but still need travel money, insurance, and lots of little things. Felt pretty good as I bought 3 mini skirts yesterday ready for my amazing holiday… suncream a few days ago too. A week ago I was told I won the ITV Daybreak Down Under Competition. I knew I would get informed that week, before Friday, and was told to be near my phone between 6 and 8.30am as I might get called whilst live on air. By 10am on Friday, nothing… I’d lost hope, I was a right grumpy moo. Had been to the dentist for more bad news, then popped into work to say hello to my colleague. Needed to buy shampoo, so did that and Jenny ran away in a shopping center… I was […]

I hate it when he’s not home

My OH is away for work at the moment. Whenever he’s not here either I don’t sleep or the kids don’t. Last night was them, tonight just little one and myself awake, he’s been hard screaming and crying. Crying so hard he’s been almost crying too hard to remember to breathe then does that choking on thin air thing. Won’t make any sense to most folk I’m sure, but other parents will probably know exactly what I mean! Jen and I are currently watching the film “Dan in real life” in bed. Lights off and TV on timer but I think I’ll nod off before him! It’s awful when my babe is ill. He can talk, and in fact often will not shut up, but right now all I’m getting is “mummy hug me” “don’t let me go” and so on. Very sweet, but not that helpful! So glad he’s […]

Biggest audidence in tv history…

Hello readers, I don’t know about you but I’m so bored of hearing the words “Royal Wedding” all the time. Surely something else must have happened in the last fortnight??? Its all bank holidays and bunting. Am I the only one bored to tears? I’m just “going along” with other people as its easier than arguing with them, but I do think its a lot of money and hype. And all those tatty royal wedding tea towels and mugs! Nothing against either of them, but just the hype. When will the hype drop off?