weight loss


Weight loss woes

Earlier this year I was doing well regarding fitness and weight loss. Then my sleeping issues got harder to deal with, and my exercise levels dropped right off as I am sleeping more hours per day than I’d like. With my Fitbit I can keep an eye on things like weight, daily activity (steps), body fat percentage and sleep. I mean well, I intend to move more and stay active but instead I am fighting sleep. I need an edge, a bit of an advantage or a cheat. That little cheat is XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength which you might have seen adverts for. It’s not a miracle cure, it won’t make me thin by magic. What it does is reduce the amount of bad things my body takes in each day.


Thinking yourself slimmer?- WIN 13

As I mentioned I’ve been working with Thinking Slimmer recently, and listening regularly to podcasts known as SlimPods. I know, I know, that sounds a bit dippy hippy but I reckon it’s been working. I am rubbish at diets and health plans and routines in general actually. This is a lazier way to lose weight, trying to retrain your brain to eat better. It’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t have thought would work, and wouldn’t have paid to do but since I’ve been doing it I think it is worth paying for. But as my boys would yell in a game of tag “Bagsy you’re it, No returns” – Sorry Sandra!


A few healthy things – win 26

You might remember me saying that I am trying to be more healthy.  That I want to lose weight and be fitter? Well this week I’ve been mostly drinking More. I don’t mean drink more like too much and being desperate for a wee,  I mean More drinks. It’s a range of flavoured water with added vitamins.  It’s certainly an improvement on fizzy pop health wise,  and I don’t like tap water. I think I am More’s target audience – I want to be healthier but I’m fussy and don’t want it to taste like a diet item. If it’s flat and boring I won’t be drinking it! These are diet drinks though, as the blue one (get more vitamin A,  blackcurrant and blueberry flavour) is just 6 calories with zero sugar for a 500ml bottle. They cost about £1 to £1.50 depending on the shop and current offers. You […]