Ten things about me 2

About me, ten unusual things, that sounds easy enough?


1. I am ambidextrous. I can write with either hand, I do some things instinctively right handed, some left and certain things I have no preference at all.

2. I wrote in mirror writing before learning to write the normal way. My primary school teachers often marked my work with a mirror as I’d forget which direction was normal.

3. I can’t do forward rolls or anything like that but I can get my feet to my head. Not quite behind my head like some kind of yoga ninja, but I could (not that I want to) bite my toenails.

4. I believe in karma, fate and such like. I feel that if I had had an easier start in life I wouldn’t have found Blokey, I wouldn’t have the children I have, we wouldn’t live here.

5. I love animals, shocker eh? Right now we have 13 pets at home – 3 stick insects, 2 dogs, 3 rabbits, 1 guinea pig and 4 chickens. In the past I’ve had up to 40 at a time, mainly rodents and fish.

6. I might look like a bit of a weakling but I have actually pushed a small truck in heals when my father broke down on a railway track. Really!

7. In dangerous situations I act very calm, get others out of danger then sneak off and cry like a baby. The panic is delayed, and I am on auto pilot. This has helped during car crashes, fire, a robbery and medical emergencies with the children.

8. My short term memory is awful, my family save messages to my phone calendar to try to help me. But I have a very good photographic memory. When I used to work in shops I’d remember everything on my customers bank cards, not by choice, but I could look at a customer and know their name, sort code, which bank they were with and if they pay by credit, debit or cash. Good thing I am honest.

9. I like to compliment strangers. Things like “can I just say what a fantastic dress” or even a simple smile and then saying “beautiful” as I pass. Words are free.

10. I’ve been able to swim since I was tiny, I can swim well over a mile. However my swimming style is so scruffy unique that lifeguards have tried to rescue me! I look a bit like I’m sinking, limbs everywhere, but I am comfortable so it works for me. It might take me nearly 3 hours to swim a mile but it doesn’t stop me. Tortoise and the hare anyone?

If you’re a blogger feel free to join in, it’s Bex’s fault I wrote this post and you can read her ten things here.

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