The beaver in the river 1

Oliver’s Travels want bloggers to write about funny or memorable holidays.
Well Italy 2014 covers it…

I bought Jen a soft toy at an Italian market, and we were walking around an Italian river town. An old fort town.

Within a short while after taking this photo I was hanging over the edge of the river, one foot wrapped around the railing one hand on a boat rope and stretching like a mad woman for his teddy that’s floating downstream! This was next to a street café, and it was a flipping hot day so half the locals were sitting outside licking gelatos and laughing at me.

I’m pretty sure no one, except my Jen, thought the crazy English woman was going to come back up from the edge of the water dry… think of a seaside harbour wall. I don’t think anyone thought I’d grab the toy faster than the river current was moving it.
Amazingly I managed to hold my stomach and legs in a kind of plank position. My foot hurt like hell though, I had taken my shoes off for extra grip on the railing, good thinking!

I was resting a lot of my weight on this boat rope, and I was praying, begging and wishing that that boat wouldn’t move closer or I’d be in the drink.

I came up with the beaver in my teeth (YES, I know how this sounds), slight rope burn and to cheers from the locals. They said well done and a nearby German mum called me a hero. I was so embarrassed, but Jen was really pleased. My older son Dee was chuckling at me like one of the locals.

Dee asked me would I have saved him if he’d fallen in, “Gosh no, you can swim. Jen got the only beaver in the world that can’t swim!

This is my entry in to Oliver’s Travels blogger competition for a chance to win a holiday at this nice beach villa in Portugal.

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