Retirement isn’t grey – The colour report

According to “the colour report” being retired is pretty darn awesome.


Here as a few of the facts from the colour report about over 55’s.
– 19% of pensioners polled were a member of an online dating service, rising to 27% of these aged between 70 and 74.
– 59% of people aged 65-74 remain sexually active with nearly one in five people aged 75+ still having regular sex.
– 14% of over 75s surveyed still shop at younger fashion stores like Zara and Topshop.

On top of that, we learned that age really is just an attitude; 79% said they feel younger than their true age, and this feeling only increased with age, with 81% of over 75s saying they feel younger than they are. Essentially, those in their 60s felt 50, and those in their 70s a youthful 60!


Staying active. I’d love to be active as a pensioner – and no I’m not talking about the sex here. When I am retired I want to live in a nice neighbourhood, maybe a retirement village like my Nan spent her later years. I would hate to be in a tower block of flats, I want a garden with pretty flowers, not concrete. I want my Blokey and kids about still, and I will definitely keep pets. I can’t imagine home life without a bunny or a dog – homes need fluff! I want to be a volunteer in somewhere like a city farm, or a pet rescue centre – somewhere I would walk about all day but never really feel like it is exercise. Of course this depends on my leg not getting any worse by the time I’ve got white hair, but I would hobble in there anyway.


Westcombe beach on the South Devon coast looki...

Westcombe beach on the South Devon coast looking westwards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I want to keep camping in the countryside, it makes you really appreciate your solid brick walls when you get home. After a week under fabric and the stars your home feels so big and warm. It’s lovely to just do nothing, sit on camping chairs facing out to the sea, drinking a flask of coffee. I’ve no plans to stop doing this until I cant handle climbing cliff paths.

I can see myself running a sight hound rescue place, and bringing home half of the strays as foster dogs. I’m going to be like Eleanor from the Simpsons, except not with cats. Oh and my hair won’t be staying white, I will do as I’ve always done and muck about with hair dye. The upside of white would be it’s like a blank canvas, no need for the dreaded hair bleach.


English: Golf twilight golf.

English: Golf twilight golf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is no way I intend to take up old-lady sports like Ping-Pong or Golf, dull hobbies like jigsaw making or stamp collecting. I want to be outside, in the sunshine, dressed boldly and living rather than waiting to die.

I want to be a young old person, dancing and walking, laughing and smiling, cycling and gardening – still being me, just with wrinkles.


What kind of old person do you see yourself becoming? I’m aiming at “cool Nan” myself.

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