The Daxon £200 Outfit Challenge 2

I love these blogger challenges, Daxon has asked members of its blogger network (see my badge on the toolbar?) to try to make a nice outfit for under £200.
Mine comes in at £197 or £199.95 including delivery not bad going I thought. The best bit, one of the Daxon bloggers who have a go at this challenge will win the outfit they have chosen. I never get to spend money on clothes so I’m up for it…

First thing I decided was that I wanted it to be a Spring look. The British weather didn’t get the Memo that went round that Winter should be over! Hint Hint. Anyways…. I’ve done for a grey-ish and pale brown theme here, and I would wear this lot together.

I started with Capri jeans, I liked the quirky finishing at the bottoms. Also they are in a tall range, so they won’t be knee-length on me as Capri’s often are. They are blue, but a very dark denim indeed, and this will work with beige and greys. (£27)

Shoes, well shoes are always an issue for me! I’m size 10 and have bad feet (broken painful broken bones) so it was a surprise that I found any shoes I would wear and should fit at all, these took up most of the budget coming in at £75 but they are “Pediconfort” so should support me well and fingers crossed, not hurt! Although I could not find a photo of these in beige imagine they are please, the item added to my basket says beige, honestly it does. (£75)

Up next, an unusual top, also Spring like as it has 3/4 sleeves. Things with deliberately wonky hemlines are me, I don’t like average. (£17)

As I’m realistic that it is still very chilly and not Spring like weather yet. I feel the cold more than most. So I wanted a sleeveless cardie, so it would be warmer, but not hide my funky printed top. Technically this isn’t sleeveless, it has cap sleeves but it still does the job just fine. If my shoulders get cold I get cold all over faster, so the trick is warm shoulders. I know a gilet would do the job better but I do not like those, at all, they are worse than the tank tops my mother would make me wear in the ’80s. (£23) *Ignore mini rant here!

Then a bag, everyone needs a handbag? Well I do, mine is like a Tardis, so much stuff crammed in to it. Sometimes I’m amazed myself when I tidy out my handbag that its got so much junk in, it comes with the tittle “Mummy” though, so it is all cool. (£36)

And finally, a cute necklace that I think ties the outfit together nicely. Finishes it off just right. (£19)

This is my entry for the Daxon competition, I was under no obligation to write this. All the images are screenprints taken from 

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