The icing on the cake… 2

It’s been a rough couple of months at work, I work in one of those “shop within a shop” places. I can’t name my little company, or the big company whose building I work within. Known from here on in as little and big just so it reads easily and stays fairly anon.

The “Us and Them” office politics that big imposes on little is getting worse. Last year I put in such a strong complaint about someone from big that they were dismissed…. as soon as that tyrant was gone, other staff in big seemed more than happy to adopt the Cruella De’ville personality and make everyone else miserable.

Now I like little, but since big made us move location within the building we are now painfully quite. My store was above targets, doing well, now its clearly declining.

Big are making me very unwelcome, and to be honest I want to quit. Instead I emailed my boss in little explaining my feeling like I can’t do anything where big won’t pick on me. Said quite frankly I am now actively trying to leave, and I was half expecting an angry / disgruntled reply. Wrong, it was so nice, made me feel that little and him personally valued me. Said good luck in whatever I apply for and he would act as a referee on applications. Then pretty much expresses exactly the same frustrations about big that I feel. Said it is also the only thing he hates about his job.

As a result I have re written my CV and applied for 5 jobs tonight. I’ve had enough, wish me luck in escaping retail!?

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