The kitchen hates me 1

Just lately it seems everything electronic in our house is on the blink. The washing machine, the tumble dryer, the dishwasher, and a light in the kitchen as well. You would think my kitchen is haunted or something!

washing machine

The tumble dryer made squeaky noises,  then a banging noise and then died.  Luckily tumble dryers aren’t ridiculously heavy like washers so Blokey shoved it in his car boot and got a local appliance shop to fix it.  That was £50 gone,  but still considerably cheaper than buying a new one.

As for the washing machine,  it works but it hates working. The door handle snapped off,  it is possible to open it still but my word does it hurt my fingers forcing the silly thing. The soap draw leaks because it can’t take the cold water pressure,  but we can’t turn it down as then our boiler and shower have a hissy fit too. By far the most annoying issue is the “water saving” nozzle just above the glass door.  It no longer sprays, meaning the clothes don’t get wet enough. I thought it was great, when it worked, but apparently it will cost about £150 to repair so after the water comes in on each load I have to add more. This involves filling a jug about ten times, and trying my best not to soak everything. Easier said than done with that soap drawer, which means I have to have a towel on the floor for every load.

I hate to throw out things that work, and strongly recommend repairing things if you can…. but there does come a point where it’s a waste of time and money. My principles are saying mend and make do but logically it is going to cost more than half the price of a new machine,  and the water pressure issue isn’t fixable so new is the sensible, smart option.

I do like the idea of the jet wash, recycling water to use less more efficiently.  Even if you aren’t on a water meter using less water saves you money as it takes less power to heat less water. So this Panasonic washing machine* looks good to me. It’s similar to our old one, but has two jet wash bits and is much more modern. Since reviewing the Panasonic hairdryer I am much more inclined to buy Panasonic for other things. That hairdryer is the business.  Sadly it’s also being repaired as Freya Woof chewed it. It’s worth fixing though.


The old days, when Jen was helpful and the machine worked perfectly.

How I miss having helpful kids. Can’t even bribe them into laundry these days.

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