The #MMskydive starts now 2

In an hour an in law will be here to look after the pets and my boys.
I’ve been packing, and freaking out and stressing. My eldest son D has been a darling, ironed my skydive tshirts to fix the Dylon fabric pen writing on the back, and has been into the loft to get my little suitcase. I genuinely do not even like being as high as three steps up a ladder.

Next big challenge, driving alone to Nottingham. I don’t even know where Nottingham is, just sort of North. I have no sense of direction. But I am doing this.

I can’t find things I wanted, like my spare phone battery, but I will be leaving shortly, ready or not. I feel sick, I am hungry but don’t want to eat as I feel sick from nerves.

If you’ve come to Juliesnotebook today looking for the WinningWeekends linky I am sorry but I am not doing that this week. And if you’re waiting for a review I am going to be a bit busy for the next few days, again sorry. Normal service will resume next week.

Wish me luck, and if you see a lost girl in a yellow car on the motorway heading vaguely Northward that’ll be me.

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