The Pre #BritMumsLive Post 42

Hiya, if you found me because you are attending Brit Mums and are having a nosey around blogs of other attendees, then welcome to my blog!

I’m Julie (Obviously, sorry) and I live in Gloucester. I have two children, both boys, D and Jen.
I adore my sons, but I struggle with them.


I do not hide that I have mental health issues – if I smile at you and make eye contact often but don’t speak that means I want to talk, to say “Hiya I’m Julie” but I’m too self-concious, too shy, afraid you won’t know me, and then I’ll be embarrassed even more.

Once I get past that, I think I’m chatty, friendly and a good listener. Things I like include cake, coffee, chocolate, cups of tea, and biccies. And this is why I’m trying hard to lose weight now before I skydive for Matilda. Not for vanity, but because the skydive place have a weight limit and I’m on that limit, eek!

My actual interests and hobbies are my pets (all 6 of them), blogging or tweeting, gardening and comping.

My guinea pig, Dotty, is an elderly guy – mistreated before we rehomed him (as a her!) last year. He is partially sighted, has bent feet and toes, wets himself and cries, squeals or purrs depending on what he wants to tell you. For example if I shout at the kids Dotty squeals a super high pitched squeal, defending the kids, awww. He is so caring and huggy, except where food is concerned, we think he was not fed for days on end in his “old life”.

We also have 2 chickens and 3 bunnies. I shouldn’t waffle on about them as well but the chickens are called Tikka and Fajita. Our bunnies are Patch, Bart and Mo. So I’m well and truly outnumbered by males in this house.

Before my breakdown (October) I worked in retail, it’s not for me. I would love to work for a charity like the RSPCA, or a formula one team, anyone except Ferrari.

For the moment though, I’m still out of work, doctors say no. I’m alone a lot at home these days, hence why I’ve taken to blogging more often. Some other bloggers have become friends of mine, and mean a lot to me. Sometimes wonderfully unexpected kindness happens, which is where Mummy Barrow comes in. I was having a rough patch and she surprised and cheered me up by offering me a ticket to BritMums. It had been sold out for ages, but now I’m coming because of her kind and generous gift. Also she is really sweet and caring, it’s lovely of Mrs B.

It’s brave for me to try cities alone, as one of the issues I’m seeing my therapist for is being frightened of strangers and panicy in public. But I want to network, to try to fit with my peers, to find friends. Normally I go everywhere with my sons.

Just after BritMums I am taking my driving test, now that’s really scary! But I’m highly motivated, I bought myself a car a few months back. I named her Custard, according to my blokey it’s “a girl thing to name a car”, so ladies what’s your car called?

Other unusual things about me, I’m ambidextrous, dyslexic, allergic to alcohol, tall and bisexual. I love strawberries, hate bananas. I love looking at stars at night but hate being outside after dark.

So, tell me something about yourself? Are you excited or nervous about BritMums, or both?

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