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It’s all I’m hearing, except a bit of noise about the baby princess. 
Whilst I did enjoy the live debates and such at the beginning I am so bored of it all. I’ll be glad when it’s all over, and the votes are all counted. I personally have already voted, you see I’m a postal voter. I’m far too disorganised to promise to attend a polling station on a set day.


The ballot box.

I strongly believe that we should all vote, even if you “waste” the vote on the Monster Raving party or something.  Apathy is a bad thing,  having no confidence in the system is fine – just vote for all of them,  it gets counted as a spoilt vote.  It still gets recorded, someone somewhere will be watching the number of spoilt votes.
At school I loved history and vividly remember the “votes for women” lessons.  I told myself if other ladies died in order to get me the option to vote it’d be rude not to.

Purple Ribbon
Today in town I was approached by UKIP “are you old enough to vote young lady?
I clearly am plenty old enough, so his patronising fake compliments won’t work on me.
“Yes I am and you’re too late.  I’m a postal voter.” I keep walking.
Who did you vote for?
He then boos me. Nice.


Come on, what’s wrong with voting Green? It’s what I believe in. I recycle,  reuse, attempt to reduce our family’s effect on the planet. I believe in treating others ethically and kindly. But more importantly it’s my flipping right to put that big X next to whoever I want to. Where I live it looks like it will be a Labour win – but if everyone he could vote actually did I wonder what the outcome would be?

Do you vote? Do you care who is in charge? Or are you just waiting impatiently for it all to be over?

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