Thoughtful Valentine’s gift 6

I am not keen on overly commercial, over priced cards, or flowers. Instead I am making Blokey a gift. Its no secret that I can’t cook, in fact I go to basic cookery lessons. So I am making chocolates.
I have some super strong Co-op fairtrade 85% cocoa dark chocolate, and some Cadbury DM fruit and nut. They are like the opposites, the Co-op being a coniseurs type, where you feel sick if you eat too much as its so rich. The DM is like comfort, its not too posh, not to cheap and its easy to eat all of it.
I figure a mixture of these makes perfection. Like sweetness and bitterness, too posh versus normal.


Smelling lush.

I melt this fast, and try not to stir it much as I want this colour difference to show. I want them obviously home made. This will show I made an effort.


A sugar mice mould.

I got a mice mould from a magazine cover, and using spoons I move part melted chocolate to the moulds. They don’t look amazing yet, but I’m hopeful they will look lovely when set.


Marbley yumminess.

Then I get a puzzle piece ice cube tray, I’ve still got chocolate left and I am not going to waste it! The ice cube tray is silicon like the proper mould so should work just fine.


This shape is hard to get bumpy fruit and melted chocolate in to!

After I filled the tray, and used up all the melted chocolate mess, I moved them to the fridge to help them set.


Cold mice!

I know the trays look a state but if the chocolates come out messy on the bottom edges I will tidy them with a fruit knife…
Now I wait for them to set.


Messy at the edges.

I shaved the edges with a fruit knife, and pack them in to a box.


Three blind mice!

I know, not perfect but I am pleased with myself.


Puzzle bits.


Ta da! C'est fin.

What do you think? Would you be impressed to get these?

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