Three weeks to go….

Three weeks today until Australia, I am getting all nervous, excited, I cry, then I’m happy. I’m an emotional wreck!

I’ve got suitcases but still need travel money, insurance, and lots of little things. Felt pretty good as I bought 3 mini skirts yesterday ready for my amazing holiday… suncream a few days ago too.

A week ago I was told I won the ITV Daybreak Down Under Competition. I knew I would get informed that week, before Friday, and was told to be near my phone between 6 and 8.30am as I might get called whilst live on air. By 10am on Friday, nothing… I’d lost hope, I was a right grumpy moo.

Had been to the dentist for more bad news, then popped into work to say hello to my colleague. Needed to buy shampoo, so did that and Jenny ran away in a shopping center… I was screaming for him to stop hiding, come back etc. Feeling like a totally useless mother Jenny and I went to the library to look for books to read… a little quiet time.

My phone rings, its on LOUD as I had been expecting a call much earlier, it was 11.30am now. I answer and simply say “I can’t talk, in library, walking outside, hang on please?” I can feel the librarian glareing at me!

So there I am outside, holding Jenny’s hand and the lady on phone says hello, and she’s from daybreak tv. I nodd and say Hello back, gawd knows why I was nodding in reply, she cant see me?!
I was expecting “I’m sorry its so late, but you didn’t win” or something similar, the ladies voice wasn’t excited at all “The reason I’m calling is about Austrailia, just to let you know, I’ve two tickets with your name on!” this lady should play poker, utterly plain voice until right at the end. I cried, in public, in the town center. I looked a state, make up all over the place. I was shaking, phoned my friend Jacki who I had invited if I won, and she went mental, I nearly went DEAF. 😛

Poor lass got so excited she threw up. I wasn’t that bad, but I know what it feels like as I was like that when I got the phonecall about the Florida holiday win.

Its still all a bit unreal… the thought of going that far terrifies and excites me so much I’m dizzy already

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