Time to Get Growing

Tots100 have set another blogger challenge so I thought I’d join in.
Any old excuse to get out in the garden.
The tots100 challenge is to blog anything to do with growing. It’s for a chance to win a center parks family break, so how could I resist. This follows on from my recent post It’s Raining It’s Pouring where the weather hindered my gardening plans.

Cheap bulbs, from Wilko. Seed multipack from a pound shop.

Mixed up bulbs, like lucky dip. I do not do perfect straight line planting in my garden.

First I dug over the messy messy flower bed. We have clay based soil, which is heavy and clumps together awfully. To combat this I often dig holes and fill them with home made compost, which is why you might see bits of sawdust and hay mixed in the soil. It’s slowly helping fix the issue.

Pre dig photo.

My hand, a trowel and a bulb.

According to the packaging these can all be planted in April and flower between June and November. That’s half a year of colourful blooms for £4, and when the plants die off just forget about them and they’ll regrow each year. This is why I love bulbs.

The seeds need planting in window propagators, so they will have to wait. My trays are in use already in use, Jen and D sowed viola (pansies), sweet peas and Cosmos.
Maybe soon I can plant those out.

Yay for spring time.

Here is the finished look. Trees fenced in using wire from the 99p store, 3 solar lights from poundworld, and a froggy chosen by Jen. Jen’s windmills are in the bed too as until all these bulbs it does look dull. But by summer I’ll have a carpet of colours, and by next year a carpet of colour with a fruit orchard.

I’ve got a cherry tree, 2 Apples, a pear and a plum tree, 70 bulbs, and raspberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant and a gooseberry Bush!!

I’ve only got a tiny flower bed, and I’ve crammed all this fruit in. Just imagine its all grown, and in bloom? Lovely!
What could you grow in your garden??

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