Timeline and Ticket to Ride Europe games

About a month ago Dee and Jen were sent two games to review but we just forgot to get around to writing a review. Sorry folks! So without further procrastination I bring you our thoughts on Ticket to Ride Europe and Timeline.

Ticket to Ride Europe – a board game.


I found Ticket to Ride very hard to get my head around the rules at first. Here is a short video clip of Blokey trying to tell me how to play the game.

You get route cards which you keep secret from the other players, which will say something like Edinburgh to Paris for a low amount of points, or a longer route like London to Athens will get you a much higher score. You also all get train cards, in colours that match the routes on the board, you can collect cards for longer sections of track or use them up more quickly on short bits of track.

When you claim a bit of track you put train tokens in your playing colour on the board. When all the train tokens are used up its game over and you turn over your route cards – for each route card completed the player scores the point value writen on the card, or if you haven’t completed a route you lose that many points from your total score.

A game usually takes us around an hour and a half with either 3 or 4 of us playing. This game needs to be played on the kitchen table, it’s too big for our coffee table! The game is for up to five players, and is great for children or grown ups. I really like it, and the lads like it so much I’ve been able to use it as bribery “you can’t play Ticket to Ride Europe until you have done your homework and fed the bunnies.” Do you know what, Jen will do his homework for this game and that’s a big deal.

Timeline Science and Discoveries – a card game.

Timeline is a simple principle, you have to decide where on the time line a card belongs. If you get it right you leave the card on the time line, but if you turn it over to see the year and you were wrong you have to collect a new card.  You win by getting rid of all your cards. There are a few versions of Timeline, history, science even a Star Wars version.


With the children a lot of this is guess work, but sometimes it’s an easy guess, for example Neanderthal man has to come before anything involving modern man. Some of the cards have taught me a thing or two, apparently the Teddy bear was only invented in 1902? We were laughing so hard at Dee when he thought a card called “the cloning of mammals” must have been about a century ago – we were both in secondary school when Dolly the sheep was born so we knew this one. Dee (the smart kid….?) also said that “the Normandy landings” were in 1066! If I was sat on a chair I might have fallen off of it. This is my genius who has been practicing Cambridge entry exams and similar at school.

That said if this was a maths based game he’d have utterly crushed us all.

The game is easy to pick up, and fast to get going. We play this game on a blanket on the floor, and think it would be a fabulous game to take with us when we go camping. My advice with Timeline would be choose your version carefully! The game is the same, but if you don’t know a single answer without guessing it’s not as much fun.

Places to buy Timeline – game seek, argos, George or independent toy shops.
Places to buy Ticket to Ride Europe – 365 games, Argos, Amazon or local toy retailers.
Why not check out Esdevium (@EsdeviumGames) on social media? They are a friendly bunch

Disclosure : We were sent these games to review by Esdevium Games. The opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased.

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