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Toxic Fox are brilliant for quirky unique gifts like the TOL print below I had made for Blokey. TOL stands for Typography of Love*, a beautiful and personalised word art gift.

The main ones are like this frame ToxicFox made for Blokey, but they even do mugs and cushions.


This picture is blurred by me to hide real names, I swear it is not printed like that. In fact it is fabulously detailed, and even has little jewels in a couple of places. It still is manly enough for a guy, but if you want a really feminine looking TOL print they do a heart shape and a high heel shaped print.

If artwork isn’t your thing, maybe bags are? Nice, unique, and made just for you bags. I am of course talking about ClaireaBella*.



The great thing about these bags is they are all hand painted to order, yet they are very easy to order online. You pick from examples, so it shows you a few hairsytles, skin colours, outfits and more. You just click to confirm each choice, and if you are on a pc or good sized tablet you should see a preview straight away.

ToxicFox say …

Inspiration for gift heroes

We’ve all got those certain people that just seem impossible to buy for. Maybe you’re not sure what they like. Maybe you’ve bought them so many gifts over the years it’s hard to find something new. Maybe they just seem to have absolutely everything in the world! Whatever the case, when you’ve got that big occasion coming up you want to impress them with your amazing gift giving abilities, and find them something completely unique or memorable. What are you going to do? You’re going to come to us of course, and we’re going to help sort you out with a gift that will impress even the toughest of recipients. After all, we make gift heroes.

At we are proud to be the home of great gift ideas! We’ve got thousands of amazing gifts for you to flick through for a little present buying inspiration. Whoever that lucky person you’re buying for is, you’ll find an awesome idea for them right here within our pages. Jump straight in to our handy categories, that we’ve broken down our thousands of gifts in to, to find that perfect present in an easy instant. No more trawling through page after page until you can’t see the good ideas from the bad ones – get straight to the good stuff and find all the right gifts you need.

Make someone laugh with a LOL funny gift, make them gasp OMG with an amazing, unique present or make them look at you and ask WTF with a weird and wonderful gift that’s a little on the rude side! Plan your gift based on the reaction you want to see in them, or simply flick through our gifts for him, gifts for her, cheap gifts*, gift sets, experience days and many many other products to match the gift ideas you’re looking for to the person you’re buying for. And if that’s not easy enough for you then head straight for the fabulous ultimate gift finder where you can break down your gift needs by gender, category and price to customise your results and find exactly the right gift. Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient, we’ve got some awesome gift ideas to make you a gift hero.

Disclosure : ToxicFox gave me the TOL print and the bag. My opinions are honest.

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2 thoughts on “Toxic Fox – Be a gift hero

    • Julie Martin Post author

      I have an editing app in my phones original software. But you can do something simple in Paint too. Open the picture in Paint, select “pipet” (colour picker) and grab the colour around the area you want to hide. Using “spray can” splat a little over it. Then back to pipet and grab another colour that should be in the area of where you’re blurring and use a fine spraycan pattern. After a few times the name/date/face should vanish.