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I read on Tots100 that TravelSupermarket are after travelling tips for keeping little folks busy in the back seats on long journeys. Well, this is right up my street.
We drive to places like Wales, Devon or Cornwall for holidays. We are normally going camping, so the boot is often pretty full.

Where we drive to, Cornwall

On the longer journeys we have in car DVD players we recently purchased, but we only take a few films. Its for boredom relief if we get stuck in traffic, rather than the main entertainment option.
Often we talk for the first hour or so. Car Snap is Jen’s favourite game. This means he watches every car we pass and shouts snap as fast as he can if he sees the same make or model. When we are in Daddy’s car we don’t allow the colour as a snap, because that is too easy, it is a black car. But if we are in my car, Custard, we can snap to the colour or the model, and its like a full house if someone gets a yellow 307. Sometimes we hand out sweets as rewards for the best snap player, in reality they will both get the same number of sweets, but the littlest hasn’t realised this yet, so it works great.
Another thing we do is listen to show Cd’s. Cd’s such as Phantom of the Opera, and War of the Worlds. Believe it or not we have to keep the whole War of the Worlds play on the ipod just in case we forget the disk, the boys actually ask for it. We bought Thomas the Tank story Cd’s and other kids stories, but they want dramatic grown up programs – fair enough. I think shows, theatre performances and radio plays are brilliant in the car. You can pause it simply if you need to and the imagination of your passengers fills in the details – much better than DVDs. 

If chatting, listening to shows and musicals and playing car snap has gotten boring then we get out colouring books from the back of seat pockets (or find a petrol station quickly to buy some!) and let the lads draw what they see, or freestyle scribble, I’m not fussy as long as no one draws on the car seats. Again you can make this more interesting by adding a prize to it. Whichever child draws/colours the best will be able to choose their favourite food one evening meal when we are on holiday – normally we would let them both do this during a holiday or short break anyway, but its much better when they think they earned it.

If things are going wrong, major delays and grumpy, fed up passengers, PARK THE CAR. Get off the motorway at the next exit and look for somewhere to play, stretch their legs and let off steam. Some motorway service stations have play parks, but if this junction didn’t, don’t panic. Almost everyone has sat-nav these days, as most smart phones have google maps or similar. Pull over somewhere safe and check out the maps for a park, or open space. Journeys are much better if the smallest passengers are happy.

Before we leave the house we make a packed-lunch. Something familiar like sausage rolls and fruit, and some fruit flavoured squash for my boys, maybe a flash of tea for me and my blokey. Picnics in the car are great. Personally I’m not keen on eating whilst moving, but Jen and D are fine with it.

Above all, try to stay chilled, even if you are lost, pretend its a game. Stay happy and in control and the journey doesn’t have to be the road to hell. Your holiday should start when you lock the front door, not when you arrive at your hotel or holiday park.

Boys on board…

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