Trick or treat 5

As I am sure you know it’s Halloween this week. The shops are pushing sugar loaded sweets, and I didn’t want to go there. Why are the treats all confectionary, why no savoury snacks?

I wanted tiny bags of cheesy biscuits but there was only the most expensive left, so I left those.
What did I buy then?

A packet of mixed wrapped sweets, a packet of boxed raisins, a packet of boxed yogurt coated strawberry bits and a bag of loose sprouts. Yes sprouts. When the kids grab a handful they will getting dried fruit – natures own sweets, and possibly a sprout. I want there to be a trick involved. I will peel the outer leaves to tidy them up a bit.

Brussel sprouts

Sprouts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the kids throw or drop them it will feed local squirrels or hedgehogs. If a younger kiddy tries to eat them raw will do them no harm. I am hoping the sprouts will make it home, and that I could start a chat about healthier snacks.
When I was a child (I am aware typing this makes me un-cool and old) people would trick and treat. I would get home and check my loot bag and find things like fake money, toy snakes, or plastic eye balls. One time I got fake dog poo, now that was funny, it would probably get you into trouble these days, so do not do it unless you know the kids well.

Do you let your kids door knock on Halloween? My boys will go out and play. I’ve got them skeleton onesies they can use afterwards as pjs, but they will be warm while out.
Freya and I will be at the end of the paths so I can see/hear what is going on just incase.
Halloween is almost advertised as antisocial, but for most of these neighbours it’s the only time we see them. It’s our only excuse to knock on most of these neighbours. I hear D and Jen say “trick or treat please?” – despite people saying this is when children are rudest it brings the polite out in my sons.


How do you do Halloween? Door knocking? Apple bobbing? Or maybe even a party?

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