Trying to get fit 6

Well last week was horrible, I went to the bathroom scales and I hated what they said. I was a bit disgusted in honesty. Things have to change.


Approaching 16 Stone.

So I have joined something called Blogging to Jogging and am over-sharing weight loss,  fitness and health stuff with them. It’s been quite good to just be part of an online support group – it felt like the online equivalent of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for biscuit addicts. Hi I’m Julie and I am over weight.


I have no intention of staying this big, I was trying to lose weight gently, then I had Labyrinthitis (also called BPPV) that lingered for a month restricting my ability to walk and move normally. Now though it’s war. No more gently gently approach,  I’m serious. I need to be 15 stone or less by August for the skydive. Sponsorship for that would help motivate me I’m sure – so far I’ve only got £12.


Blokey says that this is "cheating" - I consider it kick starting.

I am not keen on diet shakes but I have dropped a few pounds this week. Four pounds. I know that there is no way that I can lose that much every week but I am trying hard and am now logging calories into a food diary phone app thingy called MyFitnessPal.


This is better....

I have been walking the dogs more and exercising slightly when I am doing nothing physical – for example swinging my feet (like a fidgety child) under my seat when writing or watching telly.  I know, it’s hardly bench presses at the gym, but it’s better than being totally stationary I’m sure.

Ideas for non gym exercise would be great, preferably at home ideas, I still panic around strangers.

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6 thoughts on “Trying to get fit

  • Alaric Snell-Pym

    I have also just embarked on a “get fitter” mission. My weight is fine, but my cardiovascular health could be better – I eat a good diet, but my days are spent sat at a desk. Also (and here’s the REAL reason), my employer has gifted me with shiny health insurance that includes (a) discounts on fitness trackers and (b) rewards of cinema tickets for the whole family if I do enough regular exercise. This is interesting because it creates an incentive for my family to make me go and exercise (otherwise, I have to resist their nagging for me to spend all my time driving them to places and whatnot if I want to exercise…). It’s also depressing because this kind of lifestyle management incentive is only available to people with fancy jobs, rather than being a standard part of the NHS. Yet another way that people in poverty will be gently encouraged to die younger…

    Anyway, yes, enough depression! I’ve heard good things about the “seven minute workout” as something I might try to fit into my busy lifestyle. There’s smartphone apps to prompt you through it (handling all the timings and reminding you what to do next) which are quite good; I tried an Android one (can’t remember which, I’ll look it up if you like). All you need is ten minutes or so (you’ll want to warm up and cool down…) without interruption, and a chair you can step onto for the stepping exercise!

    My plan is to go for runs with my eldest daughter, who really loves running, a few times a week. If you’re feeling brave enough, you’re welcome to join the two of us for a few laps around a park somewhere in Gloucester :-)
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  • Donna

    There is so much you can do without going to a gym. I also don’t go to a gym. The best workout I found for me is Yoga.
    Walking the dogs (or just walking) is great exercise, make sure you have good posture and try and speed up a little bit, I like to make it more fun, by running around with the dogs :).
    As long as you are moving (getting your heart rate up) you are burning calories.
    Just make sure your diet is good, you can’t out train a bad diet.
    My blog is mainly about my fitness journey if you want to check it out ~ :)
    Good Luck x

    • Alaric Snell-Pym

      Yeah, walking is good – the target my health thing wants me to hit is to do 30+ minutes at at least 60% of my “max heart rate”. I imagined myself covered in sweat and panting, but it turns out that I hit 60% on a brisk walk. However, that might be (a) that I’m super unfit and (b) that the thing hasn’t calibrated my maximum heart rate very well yet; it may turn out to be strenuous after all :-)
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  • Sim @ Sims Life

    Love the Alcoholics Anonymous analogy! The weight loss/fitness groups are amazing – we are all in the same boat and there is an awesome amount of support, feels like having an army behind you fighting your corner!

    MyFitnessPal is definitely an app I would recommend, it’s great and has certainly helped me get on track! The Exante diet is harsh – they are not tasty at all. I’ve been trying the Almased diet recently and have actually grown fond of the taste, I learned my mistake about putting cocoa powder in quite early on! You will find your weight loss track that suits you – so many bloggers are on different diets and it’s great to see how they are working out for everyone! Good luck chick and hope you are having a good week!
    Sim #WeightLossWednesday x
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