Tumble dryers or washing lines?

As the UK is currently having a heatwave this is going to sound like a bit of a random thing to be talking about. Laundry and the usual struggle to get things washed and dry in time, with a couple of kids in the house this feels like a never ending task.


A clothes horse

A clothes horse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Luckily I have a tumble dryer. I used to feel bad about “wasting power” drying things but if it’s raining and the kids need clean school clothes its got to be done really. We’ve had our old tumble a fair few years now, and last winter it died on us. I felt a bit lost and the mountain of wet clothing was getting out of control. At the time it broke down we couldn’t afford a new one, so we had to take it to a local electrician for a repair job. It functions again now, and does what its meant to however I would still love to upgrade it. Something a bit bigger, a bit more modern. Our current tumble only has a 5KG capacity but these Panasonic tumble dryers* are an impressive 8KG which helps with the increased amount of clothing I have to dry as the boys are getting taller. If only all clothes could go in the tumble dryer!

I love the look of a line full of clean clothes drying, but really do like the feel of machine dried towels. Whenever I line dry towels they feel crunchy, there just isn’t enough of a breeze in our gardens because of the wooden fences. Even in sunny warm weather I like to dry them on the line but then pop them in the tumble for 10 minutes just to make them less crunchy feeling. Back when D was a baby I don’t know how I managed to keep up with all his normal clothes and his cloth nappies when we didn’t even have a garden to dry things in.


Clothes dryers

Public tumble dryers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In really bad weather I’d have to go to a laundrette, and I’m really not keen on these. I don’t really want to have to sit and watch a machine dry my clothing, but then I felt if I left it unattended things would go missing. One of the only times we actually use laundrettes now is when we are on camping holidays and it has been raining – and the times we’ve left it things have vanished, the odd sock or a tea towel. I seriously wonder if there is a campsite game for stealing the most useless items from other campers laundry sometimes!

I know it’s not a fun subject, but how do you do your laundry? Are you a fan of tumble dryers, or do you hate them?

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