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We have lots of bath towels but as my eldest son, D is the size of a small adult these days there is never a big towel in the airing cupboard. And several smaller child sized towels that never get used.

I’m going to make my towels bigger, oh yes I AM. I have done this in the past but back then I had a sewing machine. This could take some time.


Before photo

These towels are very eco, they are wombled. They were left near the washing up sinks at a campsite we were on, and staff were about to bin them. So they went in our wet laundry bag until we returned home. I hate waste, and I love reusing, reducing and recycling. They of course got a jolly hot wash, and tumble at home.

They are both exactly the same size and colours. Ok, this will make a large square rather than a small rectangle but it will look right and will be more comfy after a shower, and fab for a beach as I can nick twice the sunbathing space.


Work in progress

Think before you bin things, can you reuse it? Or could a charity shop?


All finished.

Sewing three hand towels side by side gives you a “new” guest/child sized towel.
If you have spare time, or sew as a hobby consider joining lots of flannels, either new or second hand. Make yourself a massive, and highly unique patchwork towel.
This also works brilliantly with bar beer towels.

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