Valentines day, over rated or brilliant?

Valentines day, to me it used to be special but now its just lame. Big shops and brands have got their claws into yet another traditional day and pimped it out for all its worth.

I love sweet romantic thoughtful gestures, not so keen on another mug with hearts on, or heart shaped chocolates, or fluffy hand cuffs.

Come on big shops, get a bit less tacky please? I’m going to be much more happy to receive a rose bush to plant out than a dozen roses to die on my fireplace in a vase. Much happier with a mars bar or a toffee crisp bar than a big pink “pretty” chocolate heart, its over priced and artificially coloured chocy always tastes wrong.

Why did you have to mess with our traditions you greedy big brands? What was wrong with love letters and candlelit homemade dinners? Simple happiness not corporate profits. Ho hum.

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