Trying to sneak vitamins into the kids* 2

If you know my family in real life you’ll know my boys always look tired and I thought sneaking in extra vitamins might help?

We reviewed sample products.
Bioglan sent us some Smartkids omega 3 capsules and Smartkids superfood shake. The milkshake powder sounded promising, chocolate flavoured but is loaded with “9 greens”, good bacteria and vitamin D.


Jen also liked the idea of the milkshake – “Mum why are you telling me to drink chocolate shake not boring water or something?” Sadly the excitement was short lived, once he tried it he insisted he wasn’t having it again. He said it is not chocolate flavour, not even close.

So I came up with a Plan B, plain cheap yoghurt with Smartkids stirred in, with dried fruits or fresh berries. Having tried it myself I agree with Jen, it is not nice, sorry Bioglan. This was meant to be a fabulous way to improve his diet without fuss.


The Omega 3 capsules went down badly too, Jen would not swallow them. He said they taste awful and was gagging at the taste. Dee however was less dramatic and swallowed it quickly with water rather than chewing.

Omega 3 helps keep the brain healthy, I refuse to accept it will make you smarter, but I do think it gives you better potential to learn. These capsules also contain B vitamins and iron. These Smartkids Omega 3 capsules are a product I would consider buying in the future, whereas I’d not buy Smartkids chocolate shake ever.

The Smartkids range costs £9.99 a product. At the time of writing this review there is a Buy one get one half price offer on at Holland and Barrett.

Disclosure : We were given the above products for an honest review.

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