Volcano Nail Polish 2

I decided I wanted funky nails, but find false nails uncomfortable.
After a lot of gardening recently my nails were a bit of a state. They needed hiding.

So I was in Poundland having a nosey at the make up. They often have some top brands in little plastic packages that hang on those metal stock spikes. I rummaged through…. Some Rimmel, Max factor, Sally H, Opi and some W7.
I had seen W7 crackle polish before in other shops but had been put off by the price at around a fiver a bottle.


Sometimes you are really lucky in Poundland and you’ll get two branded make up items per pack, and I did indeed get a steal of a bargain, a bright red and a deep purpley red crackle polish in one package. Thats 50p each! Deal, sold.
I had some horrible orange nail polish at home already, it came as part of a gift set at Christmas. So I painted my nails yukky orange and allowed it about ten minutes to make sure they were totally dry.


Then I slapped on the W7 red crackle. I discovered if you blow your nails gently straight away the cracks get bigger, and I now have firey and funky nails. For a single pound, and I can do it again and again and again. I’d guess it’s cost me less than 5 pence for these nails.


Other crackle colours I would try would be blue base with purple crackle, white base and blue crackle as this might look like clouds, metallic grey base with black crackle or blue and green perhaps?

What budget nail art ideas do you have?

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