Wedding planning diary 2

This post has been written as a diary over the last few months, and will go live near the big day. Until then Blokey wants it hush hush.


January. Around his birthday I drop to one knee and tell him how much I love him. He doesn’t say yes or no. This is very very him, and exactly what I expected!

A few days later he emails me. The line that sticks in my mind is “you seem to take my hesitation as a rejection. it is not”. I had to check that that was indeed the YES I had read it as.

He asks me to keep it under the radar – what a challenge to a blogger to not tell the world that after 15 years of knowing my other half, he will finally be my husband. I will be his wife, I won’t be a “Miss” any more. He jokes I can’t organise a Piss Up in a brewery so I should plan it all, whatever I want to do we do, as long as we can afford. I am assuming he’s gone mad!


On the first day after being told to book it myself I had a venue, it was booked and the deposit down. I have my dress, I have a friend who will be my photographer.

By the end of week one I have bought wedding invites, rubber stamps and shed loads of ink to make the invitations, I have planned which shoes I want and got us measured up for rings. I have a bridesmaid, sort of! We aren’t going traditional – registry office, purple dress, chainmaile and possibly a scooter race. It’s like Don’t Tell the Bride but with no budget. It’s hard to have a proper bridesmaid role when I’m doing it myself and we can’t shout about it – at least I won’t have to wear an L plate at a night club though – a silver lining.

2nd March. Yesterday we chose and bought my ring.

It is not a standard boring wedding band. It has a small coloured stone, bluey purple, in a triangular shape. When the light catches it right it looks like a heart not a triangle. It has two tiny diamond chips on the arm by the stone setting, and these tie it perfectly to my Nan’s engagement ring which is stuck on my middle finger. I like that it is unusual but has something in common with Nan’s ring, it matters to me. She was my parent, not just a Grandparent.

Today is the day we go “official” and give notice. This is where I have to prove I am legally able to, and intend to marry Blokey.
passport and such

So I have my passport and birth certificate, and annoyingly I have to produce my change of name deed. This is a document I HATE as it names a peado who hurt me. The registrar was understanding and says I’ll only need to show it today. I do not need my old names used on my wedding day, one of the best days of my life. I am grateful that Blokey stopped me destroying this document years ago, he kept it filled away so we could do things like get a mortgage. He’s such a sensible chap! Fingers crossed I don’t need to see the deed poll again.

Lunchtime on the 2nd March.
I am now sat in town “people watching” until my appointment at 1:30 at the town hall. It’s been a crazy day weatherwise. Right now I am squinting because of the sun and it’s warm, when I left home there was a vicious wind – so strong my car was struggling to go in a straight line and it was only 2 degrees. There has also been ten minutes of snow and a seperate rain storm where the rain was landing almost horizontal on my kitchen window. Every season today then!

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