Weight loss woes

Earlier this year I was doing well regarding fitness and weight loss. Then my sleeping issues got harder to deal with, and my exercise levels dropped right off as I am sleeping more hours per day than I’d like.
With my Fitbit I can keep an eye on things like weight, daily activity (steps), body fat percentage and sleep.

Fitbit steps

Good days and bad days.

I mean well, I intend to move more and stay active but instead I am fighting sleep. I need an edge, a bit of an advantage or a cheat. That little cheat is XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength which you might have seen adverts for.


It’s not a miracle cure, it won’t make me thin by magic. What it does is reduce the amount of bad things my body takes in each day.

A better description is from the press release…

Naturally derived and gentle on the system, the new XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength contains Clavitanol™, a patented organic plant based complex, which reduces the break down and absorption of dietary carbohydrates, sugar and fat.  The new clinically proven weight loss aid helps dieters lose up to four times more weight than dieting and exercising alone.

XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength is available in a 10-day (RRP £34.99) or one month (RRP £84.99) supply and is available from Superdrug, Boots and selected independent pharmacies nationwide; the equivalent to under £3 per day.

NEW XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength is the first slimming aid to reduce calorie intake from Carbohydrates, Sugar and Fat, it is up to +33% more effective for weight loss, resulting in being a highly effective weight loss aid which can help dieters reach their weight loss goals faster.

Why would I want or need a tablet aimed at obese people? Well I have hit a wall with my weight, the number on my scales was slowly and steadily coming down then this.

my weight in 2015

An honest over share of my weight in kilos.

I don’t want to keep going back up. I have been tempted to try XLS in the past as my partner was prescribed an earlier version which just targets the fat. For him it wasn’t a miracle quick fix either, his thyroid issues meant his weight kept increasing despite eating less and trying to make healthy choices. The tablets held his weight steady, nothing lost but steady was an improvement. It wasn’t until he hit the gym that he came down to a safe weight.
The gym is not for me, I’ve tried but I can’t cope with strangers seeing me like that. I’ll stick to adding extra distance on to the dog walkies or gardening.

knife and fork

In the XLS-MEDICAL box was a discreet little pill box.

I’ve been taking XLS about a week, no huge difference yet but my fingers are crossed I will soon. I’m happy to report though no bad effects either, no dodgy tummy pains or headaches. Woo hoo. Easy peasy, two pills before your two main meals each day. For me that is lunch and dinner, breakfast is not much for me.

So I’ll keep logging everything with my Fitbit and update you in a while.
Who has any hints and tips for gentle exercise?

Disclosure : I received a month supply of XLS-MEDICAL to review (although this is more a preview). The opinions here are my own and I’d like to remind you to seek real medical or dietitian advice if you are hoping to lose a fair chunk of weight. I’m no doctor. :)

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