Went out alone, to SeaLife 2

On Wednesday I went out to Birmingham, I was on a mission to buy Merlin Annual passes. They have a January sale on, we had been looking online to buy these, but was about £550 online or £360 in a Merlin attraction. The sale prices were “in-store only” which is a bit of a nuisance. So twenty quid train fare was a bargain really to grab £200 ish discount.

I am not actually paying, my mum wanted to treat my boys to some fun. :-) Cheers Mummy.

So at the station this morning there was some drama. A “fatality on the line” had caused some delays and cancelled trains.
Was a bit awkward sitting on the platform listening to other passengers asking why people with mental health issues and depression are let out alone. I was just sinking into the bench on the platform willing the train to hurry up.

When I got to Brum I struggled, I’ve recently bought brand new shoes via eBay as I have only found one style of shoe that supports rather than irritates my broken feet. It seems they aren’t the same size as my old pair despite being identical brand and marked on shoe as same size. This slight difference appears to have broken one of my weaker toes and the blisters are unspeakably painful. I honestly can barely walk now. Vlog likely to follow as I’m annoyed by it.

Anyway, back to the fish! I love their leopard shark, Layla. In my opinion she is extremely pretty.
The next best bit are the otters.

Aww upside down otter!
These cute darlings do not stay still.

Shark! Again these are not easy to photo but I was standing underwater in a tunnel.

Stingrayyyyyyy stingray. (yeah I’m old enough for classic tv)

How many frogs can you see?

Whilst I do love sealife centers it was odd being there without my boys. Hard to enjoy it.

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