What’s In My Handbag?

I don’t know about you readers, but my handbag is like a tardis. I usually manage to cram rather a lot of junk in there, some of it is useful things, keys etc, some of it are things I feel I need, such as make up, then some of it is dumped in there by the kids, such as Lightening McQueen cars or sweetie wrappers.

So when I came across another of MoneySuperMarket’s blogger challenges I knew I had to join in really….


If you’re thinking of entering too, hurry up, it ends at midnight tonight so not long at all.

First thing in my bag won’t be in photo’s as it is taking the pictures, my Sony Xperia J phone.
My aboriginal bag
It looks tidy, don’t let it fool you! My bag was free, given to me by Aussie Tourism when I won the holiday. So although it’s “free” its special to me.
Junk falling from my bag
Oh heck, the tardis is open, and it’s not pretty!


So the usual mess, various receipts, some hay fever related tissues, half a pack of chewing gum, and in the top the make up.

Make up

The black pencil case is my voucher pouch, yes I’m a skint little money saver. Max factor foundation, two glittery lip glosses, some cuticle care thingy, a body shop spray, nivea kids Suncream and an E45 sample. My sunglasses, and my youngest son, Jen’s sunnies too!

Keys, purse etc

The green thing is one of my fave hooded cardies. Great to bung on if the sun hides, or the showers start. A hair brush, my purse stuffed full of too many loyalty/points cards and not enough cash! Then a massive bunch of keys, including keys for FOUR different bicycles, colour coded house, garden and garage keys, and two car keys. Oohh yeah, best not forget the red dot, it’s Jen’s magic stone! (It’s a blob of coloured glass really.)

Surprising really!

Surprising really!


Ok, lets price this up:

Suncream, £5

Body spray, £4

Cuticle stuff, £4

Two lip glosses at £6 each, £12

Foundation, £12

Phone, Xpreia J, £150/£200 to replace, for maths reasons saying £175

Purse, £10

Contents of purse (giftcards, cash, spendable points balances, postage stamps etc) approx. £40

Hair brush, £2

Two pairs of Primark sunglasses at £3 each, £6

Brand new replacement of similar cardie, £15

Two coded, electric beepy car keys, about £50 each! £100

Six House keys, at about £4 a time, £24

Tissues, chewing gum etc, £1

Voucher pouch, contents worth approx. £20

Bag itself, similar would cost £10 ish.


Shocking, that means my handbag is worth £440. I only had lip glosses and one foundation, normally it would be my whole make up bag too. so add £100 easily.


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