Why I adore the blogging community 4

Just look at Twitter tonight. Check out #MatildaMae and see the massive love and respect when one of “our own” suffers a loss.

Here is an extremely moving tribute video by Jennie
This is so sad, her cute cheeky little smile. Such a sweet girl, you will cry.

Everywhere I look I’m seeing this avatar, people that know Jennie’s story and people that are just learning of it tonight.
The reason we are all doing this? To support a family in a very sad time in their life.
Tomorrow Jennie, her husband David and their twins lay MM to rest. It’s her funeral, a life suddenly taken, without warning. It’s heart-breaking, and unfair to be honest.

It touched so many parents, with many of us hugging their mini-me’s more often since reading the tragic news. So many of us, all desperate to help them, wanting to change things for this family.

If good wishes had a cash value twitter would have just purchased a Saturn Rocket to take little Matilda Mae to the stars.

I feel awful for the family, of course I do. But of my online friends and acquaintances I feel so overwhelmingly proud. Look how we are all coming together, for the family.

If you want to do more, please support Bliss charity . Or donate to Bliss in memory of Matilda Mae

Rest in peace little Angel.

A candle for Baby Tilda

Today I’m wearing pink and purple as a token of my support. X

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