Winning Weekends 4

Welcome to my second #WinningWeekend linky. The idea is link up any blog competitions you may be running, and more people will see your competition and enter. It also means followers of Julie’s Notebook have a few chances to win each weekend!
In fact I won two prizes from the competitions linked up last week.


The “rules” will be simple, linky up a competition from your own blog or a friends blog (and host a badge if you want to). That’s it! You don’t have to comment, you don’t even have to enter anyone else’s contests and competitions. Just linky up. Pretty please make sure you only linky up competitions/contests is open to the UK and will be open until Monday or later. If you have a competition that runs a few weeks, pop back next week if you like.

Comping is a hobby of mine, I love winning things that we need or the kids will enjoy. I know there are websites for serious compers, and for hobby compers like myself, but I thought this would be a great way for bloggers to promote their giveaways and prizes to more new readers. I’ve started you off by adding loads of competitions with nice prizes, but hopefully you lovely readers will add plenty more?

You never know, you might win something. Christmas is coming, could be handy winning things.

Julie's Notebook #WinningWeekends
If you link up a post, please consider putting this badge in to the link post, or in your blog sidebar to enter regularly.
Thank you!


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