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As much as I love my hounds, ex stray dogs come with issues. Doris’ biggest flaw is so won’t tell us when she needs a pee. This means that most mornings she’s left a wet patch somewhere, obviously I’d rather like her to stop doing this, but as she’s not getting the hint I leave rugs in places she commonly pees so I can machine wash them. Sadly she goes next to the rug some nights and this is why I am happy I own a Vax. It’s not a big or powerful one, but it gets the job done eventually.


Nothing truly gets rid of dog pee smells first time, nope, you have to do it over and over again. Luckily I’ve found something now that works better, I did use Vax’s own range of carpet shampoo for machines but it really doesn’t do enough. Vax state you must only use their cleaners or you invalidate the guarantee, I already did that though when I took my machine apart to solder a broken section of wiring



Anyways what works best for bad smells like dog pee or child vomit is Zoflora. It’s a disinfectant cleaner you can buy reasonably priced in many high street stores. It comes in tiny bottles and you need to dilute it as per the instructions on the label. I don’t honestly measure it anymore, I know roughly how much to put in a full tank of clean water.

The good thing is not only does it clean some of the dirt (it’s not really intended for stain removal) from our carpets like boot prints, but it perfumes the floor and air covering the woofer whiffs and it kills germs. A lot of the smells from “spills” like this are caused by bacteria and germ build up afterwards so it’s smart to disinfect not just try to dry up a stain. When the washed area is dry it’s advisable to do it a second time in my opinion.

I wouldn’t recommend this on woollen or natural fibre carpets as I have no idea of this will damage them, but I have been using Zoflora on our carpets for about a year now.

Other pet care uses for Zoflora include washing out things like cat litter trays, wiping over the plastic bases on hamster cages and washing cat or dog pillows. My hounds run to lie on their beds after a walk, even if they got wet, so the beds can stink like wet dog. Yukky. Just bung the beds in the washing machine without soap powder and add a few caps of Zoflora straight in the drum. They smell much better, but also murders any germs deep inside the padding of their bedding. Win win. Also good for mopping lino floors such as kitchen and bathrooms.

It’s very reassuring to know that not only do things look and smell better but are disinfected too. I often add a few drops of Zoflora to the loo at bedtime time so it gets a good soak overnight, it doesn’t do anything for limescale but it smells nicer in the morning than when I used to leave bleach in the lav overnight.

I’d not recommend that you use it on cookers or worktops near your cooker as it’s flammable, but the bins, floor, washing machine, carpets, cleaning the bath, bedding… pretty much anything and everything else.

Disclosure : I’ve not been paid to post this but I did receive some Zoflora to review. I genuinely use the stuff and buy it not just the samples I was sent.

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