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Yesterday I had the “Home Visit” from dogs trust. The final step to adopting Freya, my lovely and friendly but underweight and nervous girlie.

She either ran away or was dumped, abandoned, discarded like rubbish. My opinion is she was abandoned. Her personality is sweet and caring, but she’s so afraid and cries her little heart out if she’s alone. If utterly alone she chews furniture and dogs trust phoned me to request a meeting a few days ago as she had chewed a large plastic dog bed, apparently it was merely a brightly coloured mangled mess and no longer a bed. I can’t see a runaway being bothered like that about being alone. The staff call it separation anxiety, and as I hate being alone, and also worry about being abandoned, I understand her a little. Me and Freya woof just suit each other.

She is a Saluki which is a bit like a fluffy greyhound. She is in a colouring I can’t find online on image searches, my girlie is a bit of a one off. She is a brown and black random stripey pattern, with non symmetrical white patches, like you see on some staffie dogs.

I’m wondering if her unusual colouring was the reason she was chucked out? (seems likely, see comments below. Thanks Lisa.) She’s not got the classic Saluki colours and classy style going on, I can’t see her making the podium at Crufts but she’s far from ugly. There is something delightful about her. She has been so very sad in her little life so far yet she shows caring, affection and a loving side still.

She has her quirks and I know her “Separation anxiety” is going to be challenging, but I love her already. She hides when nervous…


No photos please!?!

She doesn’t like to be photographed from in front…

But what she does like is being with a family…

I could hug her all day. Tickling behind those fuzzy ears. Telling her its ok when she walks near other woofers and acts frightened. Talking to her, just being her family.

We bring Freya home on Saturday morning. She has nothing so far but dogs trust are marvelous to the rehoming families like us, and dogs are sent home with basics. She has been spayed by dogs trust, and will leave the adoption center with a collar, lead and a muzzle. She is microchipped now, and has a name tag. They even give us some food to start her on at home.

What she needs more than anything is a real home, a little training and much love! The material things she needs are toys, a longer stronger lead, a basket/bed (not plastic I think), an indoor kennel, and a whole heap of food. She is that underweight you can see all her ribs, at the trust she’s been having 4 meals a day to try to get her back to a safer healthy weight.

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