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I was emailed this weekend by Save The Children about something I feel strongly about as it effects us.
Below in speech marks is quoted from save the Children’s email to me this weekend.

I’m a working Mum, and I work for pence not pounds after childcare, I’m in childcare poverty/debt!

I earn £6.90 an hour, pre tax which I get no discounts on such as working family tax credit. I pay £3.25 an hour childcare for one, and £6 an hour when both are in care. So during school hours its okish, after 3.15pm I’m working for free / at a loss.


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The only way I actually afford food is by skipping the break entitlements I have, as I don’t get paid for this time, and cycling or walking EVERYWHERE even in snow.
I made the mistake of using the bus a few times last year, on those days, allowing for short lunch break, bus fare, and the travelling time between work and the childminders I earn nothing, minus figures again!

I’m not allowed help, unless I split from their dad, so much for helping families eh government? Thanks a lot! I have no choice but to put food shopping on credit cards, and for the record I’m not eating finest smoked salmon and caviare, nope, mostly value, smart price and basics. Plus whatever I can get to grow in my garden!!

I need to be helped with childcare, or allowed to quit and get government help, I’m sinking fast financially, and haven’t had so much as a professional haircut in 6 months. I don’t buy clothes new, I can’t. I freecycle, mend and make do, what choice have I got?

What do I do for birthdays and Christmas? Or treats for the kids? I enter competitions, lots of them. I save up all the little things in a box under the bed until I need them.

So friends and blog followers I urge you to sign Save The Children’s petition. (Petition now closed)

” Hi there,

You may not know that things are about to get a lot tougher for working mums.

Most mums want to work. But the cost of childcare and losing benefits too quickly means that working often isn’t a route out of poverty.

We’ve done some research on the impact of the government’s planned welfare reforms, and while many families will be better off, it’s clear:

Lack of funding for the new system means many of the poorest mums working longer hours could be a lot worse off.

Please stand up for working mothers. Sign our manifesto to urge George Osborne to make work pay for all mums.

Up to 150,000 single mums and 250,000 children are at risk of being pushed deeper into poverty. Mums in couples are at risk of being worse off too.

Mums and their children deserve more: sign our manifesto to send a message to the Chancellor calling on him to find the money to make the system work for the poorest mums and their families.

Mum’s United Petition

This Mother’s Day, let’s give mums the help they need to work their way out of poverty, and give their children the chance to fulfil their potential.

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