You call this expert bathroom fitting?

Ok then, a little vent is needed….
A couple of years back I paid a small fortune to have our bathroom fitted by a local, well known company. They advertised themselves as quality and good service.

Well I disagree rather! A few days ago British Gas kindly came out and unblocked my bath pipes. We had tried everything, the foamer gels, several bottles of bleach and the hair dissolving stuff for bathroom pipes. Nothing worked, so I phoned BG and a kind young chap was here the next afternoon.

He tried the plunger etc like I had already, then decided the only thing to do was take off the side panel and disassemble the pipes to find the problem. No complaint at all with BG it’s just they were why I discovered the poor fitting.

The side panel had been bodge fitted, was too large, so they had sawn some off on one end and had about two barrels of silicone holding it on, I had to cut all this and aggressively rip the panel from the hole as was still too large. This is why I had never attempted to remove the panel before this week.

This is what I photographed afterwards.. And I’m not a happy bunny.

Unsupported bath, the feet were wedged up using bits of my floor boards… Note the large amount of missing board in one of the photos!
Worse the boards under the feet had moved. My bath was held on 3 feet, with not a single wall support attached.

The hole in my wall, expert shower pipe fitting! The dark patch on the walls, wet plaster as the silicone has failed as it was taking the weight of the water whenever we used our bath.

I had said to partner I felt like the bath sunk when I have baths, he said he didn’t notice anything move, but he does showers not baths.

Shoddy job eh?
Currently waiting for the company concerned to reply properly, its name and shame time if not sorted fast.

Really upset that I can see through from my bathroom into my kitchen at the moment.

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