A Warm Day So Off To The Park We Go 3

Today it was sunny outside! *faints*

So after lunch we went to the park. By the time the boys stopped debating whether they were going to the park, or just planning on arguing with each other all afternoon, the sun had faded off a little and the wind had picked back up. Chilly, but I was determined they weren’t going to play computer games all day!

We went out with a blue football and the parcel I needed to post to the Brolly sheet competition winner. The post office is by the park so it made sense really to do both.
When we were in the post office the boys asked for a drink so we got some cartons and drank them as we walked.

When I got to the park I was a bit shocked, it was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. We couldn’t use the swings or the zip wire as there was so many kids playing already. I guess everyone else had the same idea. Luckily the park is in two bits, open grass to play on and the play ground bit.

Spot the ball?

After a little run about and playing with the ball our fun came abruptly to an end! Jen swore, loudly at his big brother D. It was f@(& off, and he screamed it four times in a row, without stopping to breathe!

I wanted to disappear, to teleport away. Other parents were starring. It was horrid. I grabbed the kids hands and immediately started to walk home.

When we had walked home the embarrassment had passed. Still I am not impressed.

Anyway… Tomorrow is a new day. Pretty sure it can’t be as embarrassing right?

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