Child making me feel guilty…

According to little Jen I’m a bad mother because I said he has to go to school.
He has BoyFlu and he’s really playing on it. He’s not even got a temperature just the snot and sniffles.

As l mentioned yesterday my bike tyre gave up. So instead of me giving him a lift on this bitter morning we had to walk.

Cue twenty mins of this!

Screaming like a banshee the entire way. Leaning towards traffic as we walked. He wouldn’t hold my hand, instead I was required to keep a vice like grip on his little hand to keep him safe. Not stopping screaming once not even when he was telling me I’m nasty, mean and a horrid mummy.

Why wont he just believe me… School is compulsory. I get to school and his teachers are sickly nice towards him. Almost validating his reasons for a strop. “Come on Jen – you can be my special helper?”

We could have done that same walk in twelve mins and had a chat not a war. Plus right now I wouldn’t feel such a failure, so useless and mean.

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