Fear, pain, insomnia and my leg

I’ll start with a super fast bit of history. My mother and Nan both have bad varicous viens, my grandfather had bad veins then got DVT following travelling the world.

I have had purple and green veins rather visible and getting more visible and now painful over the last year or so. My left leg is very normal, but my right is the problematic one.

The pain and aching increased around my first ever flights, to Florida in June last year. Then since Australia in November it hurts nearly constantly, and by now it is constant pain. Not fun!

I’ve been saying to the doctors its not good, and declining steadily for a year now. I feel like a little old woman, I hobble and limp, particularly at night. I think this is due to walking about in the day.

I’ve had enough now, and have another doctors appointment on Friday, which in itself scares me. (needle phobia, doctors have those yellow needle boxes, shudder!)

So I don’t know what they can do, but right now, same as most nights I’m in bed with a painful knee and numbish leg. It effects a lot, work, playing with kids, having a shower, even sex is stopped as the pain is awful unless I’ve got my leg bent!

Imagine doctor Gregory House, that’s what I need, sigh.

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