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The lovely Sarah has a blogger challenge competition on. I love these type of competitions, where ideas and writing them can win me nice things. Well this one caught my eye as an ex-hairdresser – £125 worth of hair kit. Count me in. For this post I am going to experiment with Polyvore, which I have never used before. So pretty please ignore any rookie/noob PV errors I might make?

I think that imperfect plaits and messy flowing hair with head bands will be big.

Hair ideas

I also think that slightly crazy colourings may come back. If I was more body confident I would try the rainbow stlyes, but I also adore pastels. So a pastel rainbow could be perfect for me. Online there are lots of bright and tacky multi coloured wigs, avoid avoid, avoid!  If you like this style but want to start with a trial run I suggest clip in extentions of bolder, non natural colours. A pastel pink streak running through a long pony would be amazing, in my opinion.

Bold hair ideas

As I have chunky half grown out highlights myself, I am rather hoping making a statement of the dark roots becomes a trend. I would be a trendsetter, crazy thought that really. If that isn’t a big thing, I think disguising your over processed blondey bits with hair chalks is a top idea.

Roots and chalk
Roots and chalk by julie-roo featuring lots of chalk!

Anywho, these are my ideas for what might be on trend for 2014, but of course it all depends which pop stars and celebs do what, then people copy. I’ve never really been the type that takes advice from “on trend” celebs though. I think it might suit me, I go for it.

This is my entry to the competition at Life in a breakdown.

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