Homemade Christmas Gift – Tea for Two

If you want a cheap but thoughtful Christmas present then I’ve an idea for you.
We made homemade biscuits from one of the millions of recipes easily found online and displayed them in a cute way.


Shortbread with cinnamon cut into stars.

Firstly we make biscuit dough and roll it out to about half a centimeter thick and cut it into various sizes of stars using cutters.

When these have cooked and cooled slightly arrange them biggest at the bottom, sticking the stars together with icing as you go.



As I assembled the stars into a Christmas tree shape I put coloured cake decorations on the ends of some “branches” using blobs of white icing as glue.

My other half, the Blokey, also made ginger bread squares with ginger topping. A bit like spiced up caramel squares.
These tasty treats were then placed in a cute tin, on a matching tray, with 2 Christmas mugs with a tea bag in each.


Voila, festive “tea for two”.
The tins and trays were from a pound shop, and the mugs are 50 pence each.
Meaning it was £3 for each tea set, and about £3 again for ingredients for the contents. This was because the icing and coloured balls cost £1.70 & £2.25 from a corner shop. I’m sure we could have found cheaper elsewhere but I still think its a good priced gift.

What do you think?

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