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Over the weekend we were lucky enough to go to Livestock Longdon festival. This is only it’s second year, but I’d only heard good things from last year so I was excited to go. Everywhere we drove in Gloucestershire recently we would see the advertising boards, and being an 80’s kid seeing Jason Donovan and Chesney Hawkes would be playing near home made me want to go even more. My lads have never been to a festival, and Livestock being local and small makes it a logical first festival in my opinion. Also I kept reading it was family friendly.


During the day time there were scheduled activities, like arts and crafts with Daisy the Fairy, a lady came in with snakes and lizards, bouncy castles, pony rides, a climbing wall, rugby tykes coaching skills, fairground rides, science sessions and more. For grown ups there was plenty of beverage choices, alas I cannot drink alcohol but it was tempting to sniff all the local ales – there was even a cider called Wobble Juice! What a brilliant name for booze. There was also a comedy bus  – Oh my Gawd these guys made some rather naughty (but hysterical) jokes late night for the grown ups. I cannot possibly write the things they said as I’d get sued.

Livestock Longdon 2016

Jen and I at the signposts.

The security team they’d hired were lovely, big blokes that looked like scary bikers but with hearts of gold. One of them (Ady) impressed me enough that I telephoned his boss. They knew how to keep children on side and happy whilst reassuring the adults that they could cope if there was a problem. In between their proper work they were happy to help out festival goers by taking group photos, random hugs and high-fives for children or adults, a bit of banter and several smirks and giggles.

Photos of some of the bands.

More photos.

Jen’s favourite thing. The animals and the bouncy castle. Top tip, you can pay £5 for a whole day on the bouncy castle or its £3 a go. Jen used it for at least ten sessions per day.

Dee’s favourite thing. The dark skies. We saw it briefly mentioned on Livestock’s website that the farm has very “dark skies” as street light pollution isn’t an issue as they have so few neighbours. So we took my telescope and stayed out until 1.30 am by the fire pit, sat on the hay bales and watching the stars. We even saw shooting stars. 

My favourite thing. The music! Reef and Chesney Hawkes! Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect from Chesney, I was thinking he’d be a bit dull and arrogant but he was a pleasant surprise really. He was fun, friendly, humble and humourous. The bloke is a diamond, I honestly nearly fell over when he sang a cover of Mr Brightside by The Killers as that is “our song” and was played during the wedding. My pre-teen love, who was plastered all over my bedroom wall (posters from Smash Hits) was singing mine and my husband’s love song, and he was nailing it.

Even more photos. These are from my phone so they are in a collage.

Why not pop over to Facebook and watch some videos from the festival? Want more? Check out PinkOddy’s write up and Lisa’s thoughts on Livestock 2016. 

Disclosure : VIP tickets and campsite access was provided to the children and myself.

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