What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday Jen was being cute and chatty. Today he’s been stamping, screeching and trashing things. I removed the cardboard box (from my other post) so that I could attempt to tidy the front room. It was at a point I could no longer cope with the mess…. Then he poured his drink of water over his hotwheels track, proudly announcing “My cars can skid now!” I wasn’t as impressed by this as he was expecting. That was the final straw, a soaking wet carpet. “Please tidy up now. You knew water play is for the garden or bath.”

No! I’ve not finished!!!” he says and pours more water into my carpet. Seriously? Why? I say stop and remove a few things from the mountainous mess that has swallowed my lounge floor. Then he loses it, total rage, throwing things and stamping, and being so extremely vocal.

He ran in to the garden screaming and kicking the compost bins, I leave him to it, thinking he might chill if left alone.

Nope, he destroyed what made me smile today.


Flower Rage Victim.

This had only flowered today, I’d been watering it daily. Waiting for the flowers. All the other bulbs like this have had salmon pink flowers, quite pretty, but this one was different. Beautiful. Red and yellow, two tone and different.

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