Would You Like The Bad Photos? 2

#MMskydive might be over but I am still fundraising and my justgiving page is open until Christmas. So no problem if you are waiting for pay day to donate a pound or three?


I paid £95 myself for a camera man to jump out next to me. This means I have 90 pictures, in HD no less, clearly documenting my fear, panic attack and well, terror and pain.
If I get to £500 on my justgiving page I’ll share them. They are BAD! I’ve shared just 5 of them with the skydive team and they’ve been wetting themselves laughing.

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2 thoughts on “Would You Like The Bad Photos?

  • Karen

    Wow that’s so cool.ive always wanted to try skydiving. I will support you, it’s all or a fabulous cause. Well done you, that’s a real achievement xx

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Thanks Karen. I’m amazed I didn’t pass out… So these photos are HIDEOUS and I figure might help me increase the donations.