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It’s an old picture, but I like it.

I’m a Mum, obviously! I pretend to be good at gardening, I like sports (but only spectator ones), love entering competitions, and would probably have coffee on IV drip if I didn’t have this needle phobia. I am in my late Thirties, and so is my partner, our Boys  are D born in 2002 and J born 2008.
I’m ambidextrous, equally cack-handed with either hand, but I write left handed as I want to be different. I’m 6ft tall now, although I used to be taller.
I like tree-huggy-hippy-stuff apparently as I recycle all I can and grow plants in my garden. If I could afford it I’d like an electric car, and solar panels and energy gizmos all over the place. I often have silly coloured hair, I’m not planning on growing up any time soon. I am terrified of heights but have skydived for charity 3 times.
I have pets, I love animals and people say I should own a zoo. Currently our pets are 2 saluki dogs, a bunny rabbit and 2 guinea pigs.
I have depression with DDNOS and sometimes use my blog to vent my frustrations.  I have been out of work since October 2012 due to Mental Health, but am coping much better since being out of the 9-5 rat race. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue which makes life a bit harder now.
I waffle and chat on the Internet, occasionally I might write something intelligent by accident, until then please be patient. 🙂
I wish I'd been born an Aussie
I am very happy to review items on my blog if it’s something I feel is relevant to our family. Please contact me on twitter mentioning you’ve seen my blog or email me by using the links at the top of the blog.

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One thought on “About Julie

  • Kate Hurst

    Hi Julie, met you at RHS Malvern we chatted at the Flowers from the Farm stall I organised. You suggested we send you a bouquet of beautiful British flowers and you might blog/tweet about them – where would you like me to deliver them to – I have lots of beautiful flowers coming out at the moment as a result of the lovely sunny weather at weekend so would love to share them with you