That’s it, my child is an adult now 2

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My eldest son is turning 18. It is a tricky age to buy for presents for. Should you buy traditional 18th birthday items like numbered keys, and engraved hip flasks, or should you go a bit alternative? Moonpig to the rescue, as they have both quirky, and more traditional gifts as well as the cards they are known for.

D isn’t much of a birthday fan, we’d normally pop out for the evening to a restaurant and have a family meal. He has things he can’t eat at home as I have allergies and whatnot, and it’s all about the experience rather than the gift. This year though, the dreaded COVID plague has struck, and with pubs and restaurants only just being allowed to open he doesn’t fancy it. So we will be at home, having Husband’s cooking. Then homemade birthday cake, well a big caramel shortbread tray bake actually. Yummy!

So when Moonpig wanted influencers or bloggers to try the Moonpig App out, it was just perfect timing. I wasn’t really up to trawling local shops for gift shopping, with all the restrictions in place. Online shopping is a winner right now. Moonpig is one of the shops I’d consider for gifts for relatives I can’t visit, because they can send direct to your Mum, Nan or whoever.

With D it’s hard though, he’s not really a high street gift sort of a person. He’s into geeky things, trading card games, Minecraft, and Netflix tv binges. All I could really think of were gifts like those novelty 18 key necklaces, and as a manly lad that wouldn’t please him. Teddy bears and flowers also would be an epic fail for him. Over the years he’s collected most of the items he likes to collect already – so he is impossible to choose for. Moonpig do sell some geeky things, like Funko POP! figures, tongue in cheek Haynes guides and Star Wars mugs, but these weren’t quite “him” either.

Balloon bouquet, a beer gift set, personalised card, scratch off world map, and a birthday hamper.

Moonpig sell nice gift hampers, this one contained a bottle of grown up fizz, a box of shortbread, a small birthday cake, a chocolate lolly and some birthday themed photo props. I also added a badge to this hamper, saying “happy lockdown birthday” on it. D was impressed by the wicker hamper box itself, and it will be used as a storage box by him when he goes to university. It has a decent little latch on the top, and the hinges are solid, not a flimsy made hamper.

The birthday hamper.

As he’s becoming a man, his Dad bought him an engraved chrome pocket watch from a jewellers. Part of the inscription was “Time is precious, waste it wisely” which D liked a lot. I bought him a sealed box of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, one of the things he collects, hence the mention of it on his personalised birthday card. Luckily in the sealed box he got one of the rarest trading cards, so he was happy – as Yu-Gi-Oh cards come in blind bags (sealed foil that you can’t tamper with) you never quite know if you will get good, bad or amazing cards in your packs.

Back to more traditional gifts. Booze! A Freedom Brewery gift box with 5 bottles of beer/ale and a nice tall glass mug. Scratch off map, this is so our fledgling adult can plan to take over the world, one holiday at a time.

Travelling is obviously a bit tricky right now, and I’d personally rather not travel abroad, but I know D still has a bit of wanderlust going on. He’s scratched off the places on his map he has been so far, hopefully he’ll travel far and wide in adulthood, and have a great time. I myself never flew until I was 30. The first flight we went on was all together as a family to Orlando Florida, but in hindsight a 10 hour trip wasn’t a good idea for a first flight, especially as I’m afraid of heights! The kids had to hold my hands and try to calm me down.

The hamper, map and beer set.

So would I use Moonpig again? Absolutely! As I said already, I prefer to use postal services for far away people. It felt a bit weird opening his birthday gifts, to gift wrap and hand them over. But sending direct to the giftee you can get flowers to arrive on the birthday, or something like an anniversary, or Mother’s Day.

In my opinion the prices area bit high, compared with similar items in local shops, but it’s more about the direct to the door service. I think that’s worth paying more for, and less hassle than arranging a courier yourself.

Birthday balloons. These lasted a week and a half before starting to shrink and sink. The ribbons were really long, so I tied them a bit shorter. Comes tied to a balloon weight.

Right now if you download the Moonpig app you’ll be able to shop easier, and blog readers can benefit from a discount code. The code to use at check out (only in app not on the website) is APPFREEWGIFT and it gives you a free card when buying a gift. The promotion ends 17th August 2020.

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